Hello, I’m Rita~

I'm happy you came across my blog!

I'm a busy mom with a creative side and LOVE to turn trash to treasures! My blog is my landing place for all the "junk" (depends on who you ask) I've come across, and show their before and after photos. One thing you're sure to find here are ideas of how to transform something you may have lurking around your house, into a piece you'll be proud to show off!  Not only that, but I hope to make you think twice about tossing something out because it's old or different. Sometimes you have to look beyond what's in front of you and I'll show you how.
Because I'm a working mom, I save all of my painting for the weekends. If you want to see what I'm working on for the week, stop by on Thursdays for "Thrown Away Thursday". I'll give you a peek at the project I'll be working on. Then come back on Tuesday for "Tossed and Turned Tuesday" where I show you how I transformed it!!

I hope you stick around and follow me on Facebook! I love the company and I more than anything, I hope to inspire the creative side of YOU!

See ya around,