Friday, August 28, 2015

My Dream Closet

I recently came across Compass, a real estate agency, and found a Dream Closet Challenge they have going on.  This got me thinking about mine since we are in the middle of a remodel.  Basically, what my dream closet would look like given I had any and all resources and money was not an object. First thing you should know is regardless of the fact that the sky is the limit, you’ll quickly find out that my sky is in a bit shorter reach than others.

For example, I was in a group once and was asked,  “if you could buy anything tomorrow and cost was not an issue, what would you buy?” My hand went up first because I knew exactly what it would be. It was one of those wooden sheds you see at home depot that look like little farmhouses. The one I wanted happened to cost around a grand but I’d been eyeballing that sucker for a while now. It wasn’t until someone said a mansion, someone else said a boat/yacht to sail around the world, and another, a plane for the world sightseeing tour as well, that I realized, I didn’t shoot quite as far for the stars as I could have. But that’s kind of just me. Oh well!

So thinking about my closet, there are two things I know for sure.

1. It will contain a coffee bar
2. It will be located behind a secret wall

I’ve always been fascinated with secret doors or rooms. I have no idea why. Everything in the world usually scares me but this one does not.

I remember visiting one of my favorite blogs - Life In The Fun Lane and saw that during renovations, they noticed that behind their closet wall, was a large area that they could extend into. I thought that was the coolest thing. Ever since then I always thought it would be awesome to have a room behind my closet.

So for sake of argument, my “closet room” would be kept hidden. But inside, oh just wait!

It would be styled very much “me”. For example, my love of vintage would be splashed around. I’d have a few delicate vintage side tables, a nice comfy chaise lounge, vintage lamps and a chandelier.

The floors would be hardwood with a nice bright area rug to spruce up the room.

Since it’s still a closet, I’d not only have a floor to ceiling organized shelving unit on one dedicated wall,  but I’d also have an old wardrobe.  I’d have a vanity (which I’d refurbish or course!) and a full-length mirror as well, but it wouldn’t be your Ikea boring mirror. Mine would be ornate and look like you could step into it and be transported to someplace magical!

But my piece de resistance would be my coffee bar.  I’d have it tucked away in it’s own little nook displaying all my vintage coffee mugs, with an array of coffee from all over! Ahhhh such sweet dreams! At least for me anyway!

Do you know what your dream closet would look like? Heck I had fun just imagining mine!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bedroom Plan

I’m currently in the midst of putting my bedroom together and though it isn’t the fastest process in the world, I’m fine with that.  So eventually YOU WILL get an after photo but in the mean time, here is my vision for my room.

Ok, I’ve mentioned before that I won’t show you a before picture of my room. You actually couldn’t pay me to take a before photo, it was that bad. I had miscellaneous crap all over the place. In fact the (rough) drawing below has been cleaned up for your own safety.  And yes, that is Sammy’s work out bench right smack dab in the middle of the room.

                                          OLD FLOOR PLAN

 BR1 (2) 

                                          NEW FLOOR PLAN


We’ve made lots of progress, I’m happy to report. The walls were painted, the floor was laid, window treatment went up and everything is in its place. The only thing we lack is:

· An area rug – but the way Zada (our kitten) had chewed up my other one, this may get nixed. Especially for as much as it’ll cost!

· Bench at the end of the bed- I currently have one in Ashley’s room but once she’s back in school, it will get painted and put in my room.

· Foot stool – I have this round foot stool a friend gave me that that I’m contemplating reupholstering and using in my reading nook.  I’ve never done a round one before so depending on how it goes, I may or may not use it.

· Paint and mount mirror over dresser – I found a mirror at a yard sale years back which I ended up getting for free. I’m thinking of mounting it over my dresser.

· Finishing touches, pictures, décor etc!

So that’s it for now. But it is coming together and I’m loving every bit of it so far!!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Grandma - Bita


She used to cook breakfast at 5AM everyday making tortillas from scratch for my Grandpa.  I can still remember the aroma coming into my room every morning.  She used to sing us songs when we didn’t feel good, in fact one that I used to rock my girls to sleep with and one I sang to my dog right before he passed hoping I’d help settle his heart before he left us.  She used to take me to drill team practice, bought me my first car, and scrounged whatever money she had in order to buy me the latest jeans everyone wore since we weren’t very well off. She was my grandma, yes, but she was also my mom.

My story isn’t your traditional mom and dad raising their daughter and although I never like to hurt anyone’s feelings including my own mom, it is my truth. My story. My struggle.  It’s honest and a little harsh but it is mine and without telling it, I could never honor my grandmother the way she deserves to be honored.

My grandparents raised me but my mom was also in the picture. I’ve heard different stories on how this all came to be but regardless of those facts, or just plain stories, my upbringing was, well, different. The most prominent is I was nearly given away but it was my Grandmother who prevented that from happening. I understand that those were different times and there were different reasons but whatever the case, I’m here now and wouldn’t have it any other way.Don’t get me wrong,  I never knew my life without my mom in it. She was always a big part of my life and still is. I just had an extra set of parents as well!  As far as my dad, I didn’t meet him until I was 16. The only story I knew about him growing up, was one my grandma told me. She said he came to see me at her house when I was an infant, held me and said he’d be back. I didn’t see him again until I was 16. I remember meeting him, clear as day. He walked in the house, looked at me and asked, “are you Rita?” and I said “yes”. He said “Hi” then walked away. He died a few years ago and we never really knew each other.  

My grandma and I however had a special bond. I don’t know what it was or how it came to be but it just was. I could never lie to her either. One look at me and she always just knew. I don’t think I ever did wrong in her eyes except maybe for getting pregnant with Ashley at 19. Even then she helped me by babysitting her so that I could work. She babysat everyone actually. She was the mother hen of the neighborhood.

I could go on and on about stories we shared, how she would tell me I was her 4th child when she only birthed 3, and how she told my grandpa to work harder in order to help raise a child they had no business raising at their age She literally made me the person I am today. She taught me, fought for me, and raised me.

So when I would say to people that my grandma passed away recently and they’d give me the “oh well at least it wasn’t a CLOSE relative” look.  I just smile and nod, but I KNOW  that wasn’t the case at all. She was such a huge part of my heart.  She was closer than anyone can imagine. And while I cried happy tears that she was finally able to be reunited with my grandpa, I still miss her.  I miss the woman she was and I miss the bond we shared as I grew up.

One last thing that I am honored to hold in my heart is that my grandpa came to me in a dream two days before he passed away. He was dancing on a table with my grandma and they looked young and happy. When it finally dawned on me that he should be in his hospital bed (he’d had a stroke), he looked down at me and said  that it was ok because they were leaving and going home on Thursday. I began to cry asking him not to leave but he reassured me it would be all right. I got the call at 4AM on Thursday and he died an hour or so later that day. That was 5 years ago.

While my grandma died last month on a Saturday, my sister quickly brought my dream up to me on the day of her funeral. It was held on a Thursday. So be what it may, I know that message held truth and was directly from my grandpa for me.  I truly am lucky and blessed and everything else you can imagine to have three people in my life who not only gave me life…but gave a wonderful one. And I will always and forever be grateful!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Starburst Mirror

I’ve come to terms that my room remodel will take a lot longer to put together than what I’d hoped but hey, you do what you can with the budget you’ve got and just make it work. Right!?

That being said, I’m kinda liking that fact that I can spend time on certain areas of the room like my reading nook for example. I never really used to be a reader but once I got started (AMY), I couldn’t stop and when I dreamt of my ‘new room’, it had to include a place to read.  In fact, when we laid the new flooring, I looked at the direction of my window and said to Sammy, “THAT is where my nook will be and I will love it!”. Come to find out I was right.

It’s not all the way complete yet, I still need a foot stool I’ll be working on soon and I need to paint my little side table. Those are awaiting our accent color decision before they get paint or material. Either way though, I’m loving the space so far!


I absolutely, positively adore starburst (mirrors, décor, clocks) anything, except the candy (yuk!). Since again, on a budget here, I decided to make my own with wood shims form Home Depot. I got the mirror from Garden Ridge a.k.a At home, a couple packs of shims and a lot of glue sticks from HD.  I found some great tutorials on Pintrest and set out to make my own. Not bad for under $15.



At least now I have something on the wall behind my big comfy chair!  I love it and I made it, which always makes it that much better!