Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Reading Nook

As it is today:


I mentioned before that I wanted a new space to read and this is it so far. It’s quite cozy just not quite complete. If you notice my little side table is in need of some paint and handles. But I’m not quite sure I want it painted just yet. It just has this old distressed feel to it that I’m kinda digging!

You’ll also notice my Pinterest inspired starburst mirror I made a couple of weeks ago. I made it out of wood shims and round mirror I picked up at At Home for a couple of dollars and so far I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.


The other thing it lacks is a footstool, which I still need to cover. Now here’s the dilemma with the footstool. I found this awesome fabric at Ikea with lovely pops of yellow that I know will look perfect in this drab grey corner.  HOWEVER….I have a demon cat by the name of Zada who loves to eat my furniture. She has a particular taste for socks, which I constantly find under this chair, and any and all furniture. Since she was a rescue cat (from the devil), we are keeping her but my furniture is suffering which means I’ll probably recover the foot stool and it’ll only last a couple of months before it’s all ripped to shit.  Sorry for the curse word but it is needed in order to explain the fullness of atrocity this cat has on my life! *end rant*

So basically, you may or may not see a footstool recovered in the next few posts. It still remains to be seen. I’m getting the cat fixed this month so I’m hoping it will slow her ass down.  But I digress…

Still lots to do… not enough time to do it…but I’ll get there! Wish me luck!


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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it looks fabulous! love the corner, and the cozy chair and mirror!