Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Starburst Mirror

I’ve come to terms that my room remodel will take a lot longer to put together than what I’d hoped but hey, you do what you can with the budget you’ve got and just make it work. Right!?

That being said, I’m kinda liking that fact that I can spend time on certain areas of the room like my reading nook for example. I never really used to be a reader but once I got started (AMY), I couldn’t stop and when I dreamt of my ‘new room’, it had to include a place to read.  In fact, when we laid the new flooring, I looked at the direction of my window and said to Sammy, “THAT is where my nook will be and I will love it!”. Come to find out I was right.

It’s not all the way complete yet, I still need a foot stool I’ll be working on soon and I need to paint my little side table. Those are awaiting our accent color decision before they get paint or material. Either way though, I’m loving the space so far!


I absolutely, positively adore starburst (mirrors, décor, clocks) anything, except the candy (yuk!). Since again, on a budget here, I decided to make my own with wood shims form Home Depot. I got the mirror from Garden Ridge a.k.a At home, a couple packs of shims and a lot of glue sticks from HD.  I found some great tutorials on Pintrest and set out to make my own. Not bad for under $15.



At least now I have something on the wall behind my big comfy chair!  I love it and I made it, which always makes it that much better!


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holli said...

Looks so great!!! I want to see your reading nook.