Friday, August 28, 2015

My Dream Closet

I recently came across Compass, a real estate agency, and found a Dream Closet Challenge they have going on.  This got me thinking about mine since we are in the middle of a remodel.  Basically, what my dream closet would look like given I had any and all resources and money was not an object. First thing you should know is regardless of the fact that the sky is the limit, you’ll quickly find out that my sky is in a bit shorter reach than others.

For example, I was in a group once and was asked,  “if you could buy anything tomorrow and cost was not an issue, what would you buy?” My hand went up first because I knew exactly what it would be. It was one of those wooden sheds you see at home depot that look like little farmhouses. The one I wanted happened to cost around a grand but I’d been eyeballing that sucker for a while now. It wasn’t until someone said a mansion, someone else said a boat/yacht to sail around the world, and another, a plane for the world sightseeing tour as well, that I realized, I didn’t shoot quite as far for the stars as I could have. But that’s kind of just me. Oh well!

So thinking about my closet, there are two things I know for sure.

1. It will contain a coffee bar
2. It will be located behind a secret wall

I’ve always been fascinated with secret doors or rooms. I have no idea why. Everything in the world usually scares me but this one does not.

I remember visiting one of my favorite blogs - Life In The Fun Lane and saw that during renovations, they noticed that behind their closet wall, was a large area that they could extend into. I thought that was the coolest thing. Ever since then I always thought it would be awesome to have a room behind my closet.

So for sake of argument, my “closet room” would be kept hidden. But inside, oh just wait!

It would be styled very much “me”. For example, my love of vintage would be splashed around. I’d have a few delicate vintage side tables, a nice comfy chaise lounge, vintage lamps and a chandelier.

The floors would be hardwood with a nice bright area rug to spruce up the room.

Since it’s still a closet, I’d not only have a floor to ceiling organized shelving unit on one dedicated wall,  but I’d also have an old wardrobe.  I’d have a vanity (which I’d refurbish or course!) and a full-length mirror as well, but it wouldn’t be your Ikea boring mirror. Mine would be ornate and look like you could step into it and be transported to someplace magical!

But my piece de resistance would be my coffee bar.  I’d have it tucked away in it’s own little nook displaying all my vintage coffee mugs, with an array of coffee from all over! Ahhhh such sweet dreams! At least for me anyway!

Do you know what your dream closet would look like? Heck I had fun just imagining mine!


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