Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bedroom Plan

I’m currently in the midst of putting my bedroom together and though it isn’t the fastest process in the world, I’m fine with that.  So eventually YOU WILL get an after photo but in the mean time, here is my vision for my room.

Ok, I’ve mentioned before that I won’t show you a before picture of my room. You actually couldn’t pay me to take a before photo, it was that bad. I had miscellaneous crap all over the place. In fact the (rough) drawing below has been cleaned up for your own safety.  And yes, that is Sammy’s work out bench right smack dab in the middle of the room.

                                          OLD FLOOR PLAN

 BR1 (2) 

                                          NEW FLOOR PLAN


We’ve made lots of progress, I’m happy to report. The walls were painted, the floor was laid, window treatment went up and everything is in its place. The only thing we lack is:

· An area rug – but the way Zada (our kitten) had chewed up my other one, this may get nixed. Especially for as much as it’ll cost!

· Bench at the end of the bed- I currently have one in Ashley’s room but once she’s back in school, it will get painted and put in my room.

· Foot stool – I have this round foot stool a friend gave me that that I’m contemplating reupholstering and using in my reading nook.  I’ve never done a round one before so depending on how it goes, I may or may not use it.

· Paint and mount mirror over dresser – I found a mirror at a yard sale years back which I ended up getting for free. I’m thinking of mounting it over my dresser.

· Finishing touches, pictures, décor etc!

So that’s it for now. But it is coming together and I’m loving every bit of it so far!!


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