Friday, July 31, 2015

Bedroom – update!

This month is slipping by and I haven’t been able to update my latest home renovation pictures.  Ok, well, not that much has happened in my room with the exception of one major change, which is not having to live on cement floors anymore!! Praise the Lord!

I know in the end I’ll probably regret NOT taking a ‘before’ photo of what my room originally looked like HOWEVER, It was so bad I think I can easily forgive myself.

You can at least see in the picture below, the floor in all of its concrete ugliness. Paint had already been added to the wall in this photo but it used to have three beige walls and the large wall you see in the photo was a dark accent wall. It was almost black. It worked for the first couple of years but after that, not so much!


And now I actually have smooth floors to walk on, or lay on, or dance on, or what ever I please…without the concrete dust cloud it once produced! I can’t begin to tell you about this changing my life.


I will say that there was a bit of a struggle between Sam and myself during this weekend (4 day remodel). It wasn’t all pretty…no, and there still maybe touchy subjects…but we are still married and happy. That’s a plus. You can actually read about it in this article I wrote for the Dallas Morning News (our local newspaper).

It’s at least good for a laugh.

I’ll update more as we do more. Unfortunately we had a death in the family. I’ll probably write about it(if I can) but it halted some of our housework. So if I do, prepare for the tissues. In the mean time I’ll get back to you on what’s going on in my life and more than likely new room photos!

Love you much and talk to you soon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh Such Sweet Treasures!

You know when you’re a kid and you find money on the floor then put it in your pocket because you’re afraid someone will take it away from you? That’s sort of the feeling I got with this! It was on my neighbor’s curb ready for the trash man to collect it and I about died because I was running late for work and couldn’t steal it. BUT…lucky for me, I’m married to someone who ABSOLUTELY LOVES me enough to walk across the street, steal it for me, then carry it up the front steps to hide in our house. I can’t even begin to tell you how great he is!

So now that it was mine, I had a good idea of the direction I was going to go with it. However, sometimes you quickly learn that furniture is a lot like toddlers. Sometimes you have a good kid and sometimes…not so much. You see those mom’s at the store whose kid is telling them what to do?  Well same here sister! This one did not like the color I was going for which was blue…nope… it fought me every step of the way. Same for the stain!

I won’t bore you with the details but after my picture show, I’ll tell you how I prevailed.





So again, I already has my sights set on a similar look but different colors than what I ended up with. What changed my game plan was that the top of the dresser was more of a laminate material and the body was entirely wood. Which basically told me that the original top probably broke and they replaced it with the laminate piece. You can tell up close because they don’t match too well, and the edges were rough.  Of course that didn’t deter me, so after three attempts at painting the top (yes 3!), I got it! Since sanding didn’t work, and primer didn’t work, I used a white semi-gloss spray paint and spay-painted the top only. I did very light coats to ensure that it would stick this time and not peel completely off like it had before.  Once it was all pretty and even, I added a couple of coats of the same white paint I used for the body.  AND I WON! Check this bad boy out now. 

I love it, Sammy loves it and already claimed it as his, and now it’s set to go in my new bedroom that is in the midst of being remodeled. Don’t you love a happy ending!? Yay, I do!


Monday, July 06, 2015

Just when you think you don’t got it – You Do!


If anything I’ve learned in all of my 41 years is that sometimes you got it…and sometimes you don’t. Truth be told, if you’ve got it, it never really goes anywhere you just have to look for signs that it’s still in there somewhere!

What I mean is this. You know the saying, when one door closes a window opens? Or if you lose one sense, it makes the others that much stronger?  Well the saying is true when we feel like we’ve lost our mojo so to speak and turn around ask “what the hell happened”, or “I used to be so good”.

The fact is, if you’re like me and one day feel like I exude sunshine and am this positive persona (haha so very vain) but then the next day feel like I just don’t have anything to give the world and I’m the biggest dramatic bump on a log… well first, welcome to my club, and second…we are utterly wrong about ourselves.

We have way more to offer than we give ourselves credit for.  That my friend,  is a fact.

And the good thing about it is you might just find your silly self may not be on track the way you would like it to be, but it’s on par for what is needed right now. You just have to explore what that is and be open the difference.

So while I’m getting back on track, I’ve created some “Rita-isms” or what I call #ritawisdom of random things I’ve said. And being me, I colored them up, and posted them on Instagram (@ritamakessunshine) and Facebook. They may not mean a darn thing to most people but I was surprised to see what they did for some. And that in itself can make a big difference!

Enjoy! ~Rita

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