Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Is It A Sign??

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I know you know what I’m talking about when I say we all go through a funk where things we used to do, we just don’t do anymore and then we wonder what the hell happened. Or, we have great intentions but they fall short. Yeah well put me in that boat the past almost year now.

Heck I don’t know if anyone still reads this blog but for the sake of venting and sharing creations, I continue to write.

To tell the truth, this past year has been a game changer. My life per se, has held steady but there have been people in my life that have gotten my mind set to change in a way it hasn’t before. That said one major thing was work. It was great up until a few months ago and I’ve been picking up pieces of my soul along the way, which has still left me taken aback because it started out so wonderfully. And since this post isn’t about all the work drama I’ll refrain and just say I’m hoping for the best on that topic, and leave it at that.

The real reason for this post is a happenstance that occurred last month that has helped put some of those fallen pieces back into perspective.  And, well, her name is Monica!

I met Monica through church and you all know we have our meet ups on Wednesday which she comes to sometimes.  On one of my most troubling weeks, I put make up on, got dressed and went even though my heart was completely not in it and I felt like ultimate poo! But yes, I went anyway. 

The odd thing, which will make sense in a minute, was that the weekend prior I took Brianna to Michael’s to pick something up and ended up purchasing a wood burning tool in hopes to eventually make  a sign with it (hasn’t happened yet but I digress). It was supposed to help me get my grove back, because I hoped with all hopes, that I could do that by starting out small. Like by making a sign. I also purchased an etcher because, we all need one of those when we are creating signs right?!

Ok, well fast forward to that next Wednesday when I met up with Monica.  She was talking to me about life, and work struggles. She asked why I hadn’t been painting and I told her it was because my heart was pretty much stomped on and I didn’t have it in me but I intended to get back to it. That’s when she did this…

She told me about a fence she had and wanted to make into a sign and that the first person to pop into her head to make it was me but she didn’t want to bother by asking. Before she even finished the sentence I yelled “I’ll do it!!”. Then she said finances were tough, yada yada, I didn’t even hear the rest because I yelled at her once again saying “I”ll do it for free!!!”.  So then we hugged and almost cried. Me because I desperately needed this and her just from plain bliss knowing I’d help her out, haha!

She brought the fence to me few days later and I started on her.  A few boards were bad and needed to be removed and the back reinforced but other than that the fence was beautiful (once cleaned of course).

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Monica had a favorite quote/psalm and even a font she wanted so it was pretty easy to do once everything fell into place.

But as with all projects there were a few minor hiccups.  One being I had the font printed out but the letters wouldn’t transfer like they were supposed to. I tried different routes but the fence just wasn’t having it so I texted Monica and told her I’d go to plan B which wasn’t even planned yet. I didn’t give up though and would finish that sign if it killed me so I ended up cutting out each letter by hand with an xacto knife and then stenciling it on to the board.

The good thing about that however is I found out when trying to stencil it on with a pencil or pen and it not showing up, that a sharpie worked perfectly. I had intended on burning or painting the words on over the stencil but the sharpie looked the best and in fact, gave it an authentic stenciled look I was looking for!

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Wow that was longwinded! Sorry!

In the end, Monica was happy, I was even happier (especially since Stella realized she never lost her groove) and her sign made a happy home even happier.


You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.“ – Deepak Chopra



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it looks beautiful, rita! i hope things are getting better for you!

Twice Nice said...

I'm still here! I hear crickets chirping on my blog though ;-) Beautiful sign, and it is wonderful to do something special for a friend that you know will appreciate it. Prayers for you and the work situation. Keep the faith Rita!

Vickie Mireles said...

My favorite post yet. GREAT job!!! You go girl!

momtofatdogs said...

I read your blog Rita! This is gorgeous. Have you looked at a site called Three Mango Seeds? She makes signs for a LIVING!!

And chick? This flippin rocks!

You did good