Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Not To Do When You’re Known To Paint Furniture :(

This will probably be a longer post but only because I feel like I have to defend myself! Consider yourself warned :)

So, first, if I had to say what kind of style I had as far as my home goes, I’d have to say – Eclectic. Well either that or “colorful”. I tend to choose things for my home that have color, make me happy, and are not matchy,-matchy.  I will always stand by my rule that your furniture should make you happy! If it doesn’t, do yourself a favor and change that now. 

That being said, I tend to not follow that rule for everything in my house and that’s the sole purpose of this post. I failed myself!

Now, just to give you some background into my house, it was built in the 50’s and has an open plan that flows from the living room to the dining room and the kitchen.  Years ago, it was said to have burned leaving only a quarter of the base still standing.  The people we purchased it from flip houses and rebuilt the house on that same open plan.

Here’s where it gets tricky.  When they renovated the kitchen, I’m not quite sure what they had in mind to do, but I believe the original plan was to put the refrigerator on the right hand side of the pantry but instead it went on the left leaving one big gapping hole.


Here’s a picture from living room. You can imagine it goes all the way down to the floor but serves no purpose at all.


We were lucky enough to find a table and stools that fit perfectly in that space and they’ve basically been there since we purchased the home. Maybe a year or so after.

Now here’s the bad part…

I’ve never done anything to it…as in no painting, no updating, no fixing…nothing. I’ve basically left it there to rot. And I’ve secretly hated it for years.

My name is Rita, I love to paint furniture…and I’ve neglected one of my own pieces of furniture. Meanwhile I pick up peoples trash, I go to thrift stores for great finds…and I ….gasp!…paint peoples furniture for money….And I STILL NEGLECTED AND HATED THIS TABLE! (hanging my head in shame).

This is it in all it’s glory.

                                SAME MANUFACTURER COLOR
                                         BROKEN SPINDLE

Commence judgment! I know I have it coming.

I think the worse part of this table are the wobbly chairs that literally cut in to your skin. I hate to sit there but it fills the hole so I’ve left it.  I know, I know… this is what you don’t do when people know you’re all about furniture. I feel like Mommy Dearest. 

Well, thankfully that changed this weekend when we went to Target and found some metal stools on sale. I fell in love with them and knew they’d be perfect for this little table but would NEVER put them next to it without some major updating.

I came up with a plan to make this table go from looking, well as modern as you can get without the physical abuse it’s endured, to old and warn.  I especially wanted the old weathered look paired with the modern day metal stools.  That’s what I mean by Eclectic!!

This is her now painted in Miss Mustard Seed Paint- Yellow. I LOVEEEEEE the chippy paint. The top got a Golden Oak stain and voila, she’s beautiful!


And now I’m quite honored to call her my new little nook! And guess what?? These stools are so round that I can actually sit on them and cross my legs, which isn’t ergonomically correct at all , but I love to sit this way!! And they don’t cut my legs which is another plus!


I’m sitting here now, drinking coffee and writing this post and I have to say, it feels amazing. I would completely avoid this area before but not now. Now, it’s MY LITTLE NOOK! Can’t you just see me sitting here in love?!

I hope you enjoyed my updates this week! I’ll try not to stay gone so long and more importantly…stop avoiding my furniture!


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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love how those new stools look with the yellow- perfect!