Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pintrest Party- Frames!!

I FINALLY had my first Pinterest Party and man did I have a blast!  You saw the frames I made the other day which you can see here, well I showed them to my church group and we all decided it would be fun to create some while having our “girl time”.  I’m so glad we did it and especially for the group I shared this awesome time with.

Before I show you the scenes to our party, let me just add that my main point of having this Pintrest Party with our church group is for some female bonding. We all go through life (as women) putting ourselves last. Mom first, wife first, bills, chores, cooking, you name it, it all comes first. But how often do we sit down with a girl friend and just relax and talk. Not just about the chores in our life but about us? As a woman who actually like to read, or draw, or make soap. I just threw that last one in there :) We all have passions, we all have stress, and we all need “things” in our lives that sometimes only our friends can provide. Even if it’s just an ear. My suggestion is to get a group together, sit down and fill those needs. We’re women and we do EVERYTHING all the time anyway, even when we don’t want to, so take a few hours out of your lives, call your friends and drink coffee, eat snacks and craft or cook or whatever floats your boat!

I chose to make the frame because it was easy enough to paint and dry in the time limit we had and though I get that not everyone likes crafting as much as I do, after tonight, they all left with an incredible piece of art! Not to mention when they see it in their homes, it will be a reminder that  THEY DID THIS,  and for some, that they were more creative than they probably gave themselves credit for!

So thanks again LADIES for the great time and letting me have my first Pinterst Party! Oh and let’s not forget the COFFEE and Pumpkin Spice Creamer!! yummmmm!

IMG_3705 IMG_3706 IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3710 IMG_3712 IMG_3716 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 IMG_3727 IMG_3728 IMG_3729 IMG_3730 IMG_3731

…let me know when you want to schedule your party…I’m ready for another one :)

(oh and this time I’ll remember to use the correct setting on my camera :( I had it set on “outside”the whole time..I’m awful at this!)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Not To Do When You’re Known To Paint Furniture :(

This will probably be a longer post but only because I feel like I have to defend myself! Consider yourself warned :)

So, first, if I had to say what kind of style I had as far as my home goes, I’d have to say – Eclectic. Well either that or “colorful”. I tend to choose things for my home that have color, make me happy, and are not matchy,-matchy.  I will always stand by my rule that your furniture should make you happy! If it doesn’t, do yourself a favor and change that now. 

That being said, I tend to not follow that rule for everything in my house and that’s the sole purpose of this post. I failed myself!

Now, just to give you some background into my house, it was built in the 50’s and has an open plan that flows from the living room to the dining room and the kitchen.  Years ago, it was said to have burned leaving only a quarter of the base still standing.  The people we purchased it from flip houses and rebuilt the house on that same open plan.

Here’s where it gets tricky.  When they renovated the kitchen, I’m not quite sure what they had in mind to do, but I believe the original plan was to put the refrigerator on the right hand side of the pantry but instead it went on the left leaving one big gapping hole.


Here’s a picture from living room. You can imagine it goes all the way down to the floor but serves no purpose at all.


We were lucky enough to find a table and stools that fit perfectly in that space and they’ve basically been there since we purchased the home. Maybe a year or so after.

Now here’s the bad part…

I’ve never done anything to it…as in no painting, no updating, no fixing…nothing. I’ve basically left it there to rot. And I’ve secretly hated it for years.

My name is Rita, I love to paint furniture…and I’ve neglected one of my own pieces of furniture. Meanwhile I pick up peoples trash, I go to thrift stores for great finds…and I ….gasp!…paint peoples furniture for money….And I STILL NEGLECTED AND HATED THIS TABLE! (hanging my head in shame).

This is it in all it’s glory.

                                SAME MANUFACTURER COLOR
                                         BROKEN SPINDLE

Commence judgment! I know I have it coming.

I think the worse part of this table are the wobbly chairs that literally cut in to your skin. I hate to sit there but it fills the hole so I’ve left it.  I know, I know… this is what you don’t do when people know you’re all about furniture. I feel like Mommy Dearest. 

Well, thankfully that changed this weekend when we went to Target and found some metal stools on sale. I fell in love with them and knew they’d be perfect for this little table but would NEVER put them next to it without some major updating.

I came up with a plan to make this table go from looking, well as modern as you can get without the physical abuse it’s endured, to old and warn.  I especially wanted the old weathered look paired with the modern day metal stools.  That’s what I mean by Eclectic!!

This is her now painted in Miss Mustard Seed Paint- Yellow. I LOVEEEEEE the chippy paint. The top got a Golden Oak stain and voila, she’s beautiful!


And now I’m quite honored to call her my new little nook! And guess what?? These stools are so round that I can actually sit on them and cross my legs, which isn’t ergonomically correct at all , but I love to sit this way!! And they don’t cut my legs which is another plus!


I’m sitting here now, drinking coffee and writing this post and I have to say, it feels amazing. I would completely avoid this area before but not now. Now, it’s MY LITTLE NOOK! Can’t you just see me sitting here in love?!

I hope you enjoyed my updates this week! I’ll try not to stay gone so long and more importantly…stop avoiding my furniture!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Minor Updating and Small Little Eyesores!

I’ve had my eye on a small project in my bathroom that desperately needed an update. But like most of those “I’ve got to get to it..” projects, it was overlooked a lot! But this weekend I changed that! I bought some spray paint and gave it, it’s much needed face lift.

This is embarrassing, well actually not quite as embarrassing as the next project I’ll feature this week. Eek! That one was UGLY!! But it was pretty up there. OK ready for this??

This is the little basket caddy (I have no idea what it’s called), that happens to fit perfectly in a little corner of the bathroom. Hence, I can’t get rid of it. 


It actually started out black but it got to this state eventually which I’d like to think is due to the stress of living in my household.  This grey background doesn’t help but you get the point.

OH and here is the top, scratches and all!


I know you’re judging me but you can really just hold that judging for my next post. SERIOUSLY! I won’t blame you!

I decided to use grey and white to pick up on the shower curtain. It’ll work for now. At least until I change the wall color. But I’m still debating that one. Here it is now in it’s old spot. And trying to get a good shot of it while maneuvering on the pot was quite difficult!!


And because you deserve a peek around the room…here it is!

IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683   IMG_3685 IMG_3678IMG_3684

Rita :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

When All Else Fails… Craft!

Hey guys how have ya’ll been? I just had a quick project I wanted to share with you that I made this weekend! I actually saw this awesome frame on a wall where my church group meets and fell in love!! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

photo (1)

It really got the creative juices going in my mind and I decided to do a knock off of this for a Pintrest Party I’m planning with these ladies! But as any good crafter knows, you have to create said project first to see how it all pans out, gather costs, and plan accordingly.  So that’s just what I did this weekend ;)

First I gathered supplies. I wanted to do something very affordable and as you can see from the picture above, you’re looking at a minimum, $25 project. Not gonna work for me, so I looked around and this is what I came up with.

First of all the wood on the original picture is a thicker bead board so I found a lower grade style and cut it down to size.  Then I found two wood frame cut outs at Michael’s. The intricate one to the right was $4 (reasonable) and the simple one to the left was only $1(even better).



Since I LLLOOOOOVVVEEEE Chevron, I thought it would be better paired with the simple frame, and placed the intricate frame on a soft grey background. I think they came out pretty nice considering they were my first attempts haha! I’m just hoping my new friends at church have as much fun with this project as I did!

IMG_3639 IMG_3647

Total cost per frame was : $10 for the blue intricate frame and $5 for the yellow with Chevron.

IMG_3641 IMG_3644


I’ll keep you posted on our little party once we pick a date!

…yep, count me in!

Rita ;)