Thursday, August 28, 2014

…so how was YOUR day?

Photo by Rita (I made this!)

Since I kind of popped up a couple of days ago to say “HI” and that I’m around so don’t forget about me, I didn’t talk much on the topic of work. 

My work life is important to me because it’s the family away from home and you all know how I feel about that subject. So here’s the deal, I’m 40, I'm in a new(er) job, going on 4 months now and (Thank God) am still very happy about my decision to take make the change.

I’m seriously here to tell you if you have any question in your mind to change your “work” life, or even "Life” life,  go with your gut and heart. It will never lead you astray! And if you don’t, we seriously need to talk!  I don’t know how I got to this place that I’m in but it’s the right place for me. I know that!

And for those that don’t know about my work life struggles, lets just say that I have been so stressed before that I went to the ER. I was hospitalized for a few days. Yep, that happened. I’ve lost hair, wish I could say I lost weight but that never happened. Opposite actually.  And what else, oh, my marriage has suffered as well.  It’s crazy the difference a job can make. I quickly realized I didn’t need to be the Manager, Senior Department Leader, or Corporate Ladder climber to put food on the table and take care of my family. I say that because I do it now and I’m none of the above. In fact, I get paid less than I did before and I still pay all the bills, have some left over and I’m so in love with my husband, it’s not even funny. He loves me too which is even better! In fact sometimes he surprises me with coffee in the morning delivered to my doorstep! (giddiness!) 

On top of all that love sappiness…I still get to do one of the things I love to do, which has lacked on here and that is a weekly blog post. I've been able to keep that presence around the JPT Graphics social media and people seem to like it (so far anyway). It’s hard not talking about things you are passionate about, but I believe I’m managing quite well! Some of my coworkers said it’s nice having a professional blogger haha! I’ve told them I’m SOOO not that. I just like to write like I’m talking to people. And boy am I a talker! Just ask Brianna. She never hesitates to tell me it’s way too much for her ears. 

The thing with Blogging is you never know who reads your stuff. Who you’ve touched, if anyone, or who needs to read what you’ve written that very moment of their lives. But I believe anyone can inspire you, teach you or show you something that you needed to see. In fact, I think you’ve been brought to that blog post for a reason, you just may not know it yet. Inspirations comes in all facets of life, even via blogs about “work life”. I have many blogs I love and feel so acquainted with the writer that If I had a million dollars, I’d add them to my will.  That’s love my dears!

So, if you want to see some of the things I've written for work or want to follow along there, we added a new button to add your email address! I’m super excited even though no one’s signed up yet :(  Anyway you never know what you’ll learn about graphics and I promise there are things everyone should know!! Or hey, I can simply use the support! I’ll love you back in spades.

So this series I wrote was all about fonts:

1. Font’s -part 1

2. Font’s - part 2 - How font’s set your tone

3/Font’s - part 3 - Presentation and Professionalism

4. Font’s - part 4 - “What’s in” vs. “What looks good”

5. Font’s - part 5 - Overusing your Font

There are more I’ve written,  but this series was one anyone can use! Also if you have any ideas or comments about how to do it better, let me know. Or if you use it to put yourself to sleep at night, heck I’m just honored you did me a solid and read it after all.

One more thing before I end is that we will be having a contest on our Facebook page soon so I’ll be writing the details here. I fully expect you all to play along since it was my idea to have it in the first place and it will make me look super terrific at work. Even like a professional blogger. Ok, kidding, obviously to the five of you that read this- ha!

You know where to reach me if you have any lingering questions or comments. Remember I’m ALWAYS around if you need me and always, always know I believe in you so you should always believe in yourself! Ashley and Brianna that one is directed to you.

OH and as far as work goes, I literally leave work cracking up on a daily basis. The stress is gone (don’t get me wrong it shows up on deadline days) but for the most part there’s a smile when I enter the door and a smile when I leave. And the smile when I leave isn't because I need to get away from there like it used to be. Don’t you think you deserve more smiles in your life? I think you do so consider it!

Love you much,


holli said...

Its so great to love your job and it makes huge difference!
Great tips on the fonts.

Vickie Mireles said...

Loved this blog!