Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I’m HERE… just sometimes wish I were THERE!


Do you ever tell yourself you shouldn't tell people what’s been going on in your life because it’s way too boring and you will bore them to tears? Or maybe you’re just too embarrassed to say that you’ve been reading romance novels every waking hour because they are so damn addictive and that’s why you haven’t blogged about furniture in God knows how long?…. OR  MAYBE STILL, you’ve gained 4 POUNDS(!!) and have been eating chocolate chip croissant’s like they are going out of style and feel like that girl on that ridiculous commercial, who gets up in the middle of the night and stands at the refrigerator with a donut in her mouth!!  Yes that’s true of me! I’m that girl with the donut in her mouth and a romance novel in her hand!! I AM SHE and she is me! 

Ugh I frustrate myself. And I’d tell you I’ll change but who am I kidding, I seriously plan on changing SOME of this ridiculousness in my life but I don’t know how long I can go without a croissant or a romance book…I’m just saying. 

I’ve always felt that blogs were supposed to entertain you, teach you, inspire you, or show your latest furniture flips. And though I LOVE to read about what’s going on in your life, surely you don’t want to read about what's going on in mine all the time, right?! That my friends, is why I refrain.

In fact, if we’re being honest, the only topic I’ve become most familiar with these days/weeks is not furniture or adventures. Nope, it’s more like divorce, separation(not mine), and I’ve found that the mamma bear in me has come out like nobody’s business.  I could seriously get into A LOT of trouble if I wrote what I was really feeling these days and to say I’d hurt people in the process is an understatement.  I’ve basically taken the role of over protective mom in many situations the last few months and I’m getting familiar with a side of myself I’ve never really seen before. Well that is of course when I’m not reading a book with a croissant in my mouth!

Believe me, in the last few weeks I’ve thought up titles of blog posts to write about but have refrained in order to protect the innocent, if you know what I mean.  Now granted, I’m still here and the same old me…fun loving spirit with a heart that bleeds for just about everyone these days and don’t forget the Starbucks coffee in my hand ( I should seriously become a spokeswoman!). Oh and in case you’re wondering, work is still wonderful and I love it.  That change is phenomenal if I do say so myself! I’ll let you know about work in my next “about my life” -post.

So if you’re still around and really care to know what’s going on with me, like maybe you’ve been lost without my blog in your life…(crickets)…yeah, just let me know. You know I’ll write just about anything! I just don’t want to bore anyone to tears because that wouldn’t be nice and I’m not a mean person.

Love you lots, missed you and all that good stuff!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh good luck- you are such a good friend to those people! AND don't ruin all your hard work- put the donut down!!!!

Vickie Mireles said...

LOL - Love you Rita.

Twice Nice said...

I was checking the other day to see how I had missed blog posts and heard the crickets. We've missed you! Glad you are back, and I'd say you are the kind of gal I'd want to have my back in a pinch!