Sunday, June 08, 2014

While The Kids Are Away…I Need to Organize BIG TIME!


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Tomorrow I will be kid free for two weeks (Major Woo-Hoo)!!!

They leave first thing in the morning to go to California with their grandparents and for the first time in years, the house will be quiet and peaceful and bliss…at least that’s what I’m hoping anyway!


There’s always a “but”. What does that mean for me??  Well, I’ve actually thought about what to do during that time to fill my days and that whole thought process can be overwhelming in of itself! I mean, really, have you ever thought about having time to yourself, then start to think about what you can do, then come up with this ridiculous list in your head, then almost pass out from pure exhaustion just from the thought of it, then….boom… you’re spent!! Done!!  It’s just too much and you’ve killed the ideas before they ever really started.  I know you have because so have I.

The point is there is ALWAYS something to do:

  • Things you never got to
  • Things on your life’s “to-do list”
  • A mound of laundry
  • Projects you’ve either started or haven’t started yet…

So when it boils down to having free time, it sometimes just hurts to think about it. Ok, sure we can sit and read all day and forget about everything else but then there’s the whole guilt factor that comes along with it, and that simply won’t do. Bottom line is Organization is key in this overwhelming venture and in many cases, ORGANIZATION is not very friendly either. 

But, if you are someone like me, you grasp the notion that it can be done. It takes work but it’s feasible and only you can get in your own way. Or maybe rain, if you’re painting outside : )  It’s  always easy to see the dream, then look at the dedication factor or lack there of, only to be knocked down and simply give up. So part of my taking this time to organize is starting small. I think small organizing is far better than not organizing my life!

When organizing anything, a list is key! So tomorrow (when the house is quiet- halleluiah) I plan to make a list of all the things I can do in the two week period of heavenly bliss. (Did I mention I’ll miss the girls? I really will don’t get me wrong). Then as things start coming off the list, not everything, they’ll each get a standing ovation. Why? Because it was deserved, no matter how small the feat!

Wish me luck, which I don’t think I’ll need because I got this! I’ll keep you informed of my two week non-kid life and if I inspire you to make a small list for yourself, you can let me know and I’ll send you an air hug because I’ll be proud of you!

Excited for tomorrow,

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holli said...

Returning the air Hug! Hope you get all that you have on your list done.