Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I’m Gluttonous…hear me roar!


Day two of empty nest syndrome and I have indulged in the picture you see above.  These are chocolate chip croissant’s that Sammy tortures me with, and though I know I can’t eat them,  I do …every last one of them! Every melt-in-your-mouth-morsel-of-chocolaty-goodness-sent-from-God.

Seriously though, I’m adding this to my list of “what not to eat while I’m alone at home”. The rest will include things like, an art’s and craft project, furniture project, make a home cooked meal…and whatever else I can come up with along the way. So far, I can scratch Laundry off my list!! I was behind in that department and now I’m all caught up (remember standing ovation). But don’t worry, every fun thing that gets crossed off, gets a blog post, so fair warning for the next two weeks! You can choose to stay away …but do you really want to? I hope not!!

Later Alligator,



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

chocolate chip croissants were my favorite treat when i was a kid! my mom and i would get them when we went on road trips!

momtofatdogs said...

I hate laundry. HATE IT. Destest it. Can't even put into words how much I hate laundry. I don't even know WHY. Just that I do. It was a happy day when I stopped doing the kid's laundry. Ryan was 9, in August she'll be 29 and both my kids have been out of the house a long while now. If it werenot for the fact that I have someone come clean everyother week, laundry would never, EVER, get put away. Much less folded. It's not like it takes forever...I just HATE it.


holli said...

YUm, those look delicious!