Monday, June 23, 2014

Beauty In The Blooming Blog Tour


Have you stopped to ask yourself how you’re living in the now? What are you doing for yourself for your own “happiness”?

The question was asked on  “Oh My Homemade Goodness” for a blog tour they are having and the topic really struck a cord with me because it’s basically all I’ve been writing about lately. I started this blog years ago with the hope that one day I’d have this grandiose furniture business and life would be grand.  Needless to say I didn’t think about all of the specifics on how I’d accomplish that goal, I just prayed one day I’d get there.

During these years, you’ve read my posts on my weekly furniture projects, my year spent at renting a spot at Lula B’s Antique mall, my crazy and stressful previous day job and now my great new job, and finally where I am today with Curbside Creations. Basically you’ve lived my struggles with me and the path that I’ve paved.

The difference however in what I thought would make me happy then and what makes me happy now is that I feel like I do live in the now, rather than just a vague hope for the future.

If you’re not following where I’m going with this, let me explain.

I believe everyone has a dream to be “something” when they grow up and probably 8 out of 10 times people don’t actually accomplish that goal.  I used to want to be an architect and now I work for a graphic company and paint furniture. Once I realized I loved painting and updating furniture, it became my dream to do it for a living. The problem is that when it didn’t pan out like I dreamt it would, I knocked myself for not reaching that goal. I never had a brick and mortar business and painting furniture was only my weekend hobby. It ended up making me feel like I’d constantly failed.

If you’ve read my other posts on “life” you’ll know my decisions for staying in a full time job and continuing to only paint on the side. But in the end, painting is still a passion and it remains a constant in my life. I love it and it completes me :)

It took me a while but I finally figured out that not fulfilling that dream didn’t mean that I had failed.Not for a minute!

I’ve made so many friends with this blog.  I’ve encountered so many people and have painted their furniture for them. I’ve sold pieces I’ve recreated on Etsy. But most importantly I’ve touched a life from someone as far as Alaska and that’s saying a lot for a little girl in Texas, and made great friends all over the US including Australia. Not to mention I’m always honored when I randomly get asked about my furniture tips! I may not get paid to advertise or promote paint or tools but it doesn’t mean I don’t use them for the projects people have paid me to work on; which has paid for said product or tool numerous times over! That in itself feels great!

So no, I don’t have my own furniture business per say but I still paint furniture and as long as it makes me happy and is done on my time, I will continue to paint furniture and then let you read all about it. 

I’ve said it before – we are all capable of greatness and we all have a spot in the world created specifically for us for a great purpose! We don’t fail, we live for the moment and choose our path for tomorrow. Today I’m living for mine and I’m LOVING doing it!




Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

this was a great, well written post, rita. i think success doesn't come from making a living following your dream, but finding happiness in following your dream. and it sounds like you have done that.

Twice Nice said...

Beautifully said!!

holli said...

Perfect! I loved reading this and one of my favorite inspiring posts yet. Life Is Good!

Tami Michel said...

Well I left you a sappy little comment the other day and poof it's gone. Oh well, here goes again...I am so glad to be on this journey too and of course it hasn't quite led to where I wanted to be business wise but somehow it has fulfilled me even more. More importantly with the new blogs and friendships that I have made along the way. Thank you for inspiring me and am looking forward to what the future holds for all of us. Keep sharing! I love to hear your honesty, great projects and real life along the way!