Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Learning When To Say Good-bye :*(



I found this really beautiful piece of furniture last year and had all intent and purpose to refinish it. He was to be a masculine gray color and the intricate detailing on the front drawers would have an alternate color to offset the uniquity of the entire piece.  But it never happened.  Instead it sat in my sunroom and took a beating from the Texas weather.

After feeling horrible about it being outside forever,  I pulled it inside where it sat for a while but still no paint, no beatifying, no mending or updating. I know, I know…Rita you big dummy, how could you neglect this???  I don’t know but I did...

After having it my house for way too long and STILL not doing anything, I had to put it back outside (remember my house is small). In fact, I recall even telling Sam that if I die before I refurb this guy, please make sure Cassie from Primitive and Proper, gets him. I know she would be a wonderful mom to him and actually give him the attention he deserves. 

But this weekend, I finally had to say goodbye. We did some major cleaning of the sunroom and backyard on Saturday and I had to (regretfully) get rid of unfinished projects and just crap that has sit for way too long. It was hard though…boy was it hard. I had to tell myself to face reality. He was too far gone to keep alive. Water damage was great and there were severed pieces all over the place. It was something directly from a horror film. Wood splinted, boards warped and his lifeless body sat there staring at me with a look that said “ you did this!”And in my heart, I knew I had done this…the unthinkable. After a few moments of silence I said my goodbyes and told him one more time how truly sorry I was. Then with heads hung low, we dragged him to the curb.


I’m telling you this because sometimes we can’t save them all. Even with the best of intentions, one falls through the cracks. I had such high hopes…but there will be others.

…and I fully intend to use my new cleaned out sun room to store them all in again. Do I have a problem? Maybe…Maybe not!



holli said...

Oh No!! You shuld haave kept the pretty drawer and used it as a shelf. I've seen that done lately and i like the idea. I bet that was hard to do to give it up.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

right now boyz2men it's so hard to say goodbye is playing in my head... i'll take with me the memories....

monkey said...

gosh i had a tears in my eyes and kept hearing taps xx

Twice Nice said...

Well, we can't win them all! I have actually had that happen with one piece that I never could get through about 45 layers of old paint. I did salvage a few of the drawers though to do something with some day! There's more out there for you Rita!!