Thursday, April 17, 2014

Map Scrap Side Table

You saw my last post that had different map prints I framed to go in my living room, now here is one project I finished with the remaining paper.

I found this small table at a thrift store in Austin. It was cheap, cute and I could just see the possibilities so I bought it!


Lesson #1 for today- if it’s not breathing and it lives in a thrift store,  you have every right in the world  to take it home and paint it.

The only problem I saw with this table is the side was peeling off exposing the particle board. One thing you’ll see on this blog is I usually don’t let things like “it’s not real wood” scare me away from a transformation.  It’s harder but still doable.


Lesson #2 for today-  because a piece of furniture is not real wood does not mean you can’t change it up…you just have to be a little bit more careful.

The way I fixed it was I removed the part that was peeling. This left a jagged edge that I needed to be smooth so I sanded it down lightly to fix that problem. Once it was smoothed out, I painted the entire piece then added the map to the front drawer using 3M spray adhesive. I tried to Mod Podge it at first but I think the paper was too thick because it would not stick whatsoever. Needless to say I got frustrated and glued the darn thing into place. What can I say, sometimes I’m cool and calm, and sometimes not so much…bottom line is it worked like a charm!

IMG_3507 IMG_3510 IMG_3514-001

Lesson #3 for today- think of paint and paper like make up. You can always cover up that blemish and no one will know the wiser unless you tell them.

Lesson #4 for today- remember if at first you don’t succeed, use any means necessary to get there!

In all, I’m happy with the result and will add this little guy to “things to sell”…eventually.

*disclaimer- I am not a professional nor do I claim to be. I’m just a girl who likes to paint pretty furniture, dance to the beat of her own drum and make the world a happy place.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

LOVE this!!! the shape is awesome and the map suits it perfectly!

holli said...

I love it! Super cute and i've missed your posts.
Happy Easter week!

Tami Michel said...

So much better! I love that you paired it with the perfect shade of blue!
Happy Easter!

Twice Nice said...

I love to see maps on furniture! Really. This is a cute table. Love the modern lines on it, and you'd never know that part of the side was falling off. Point #X I LOVE PAINTED FURNITURE and you do terrific work!

monkey said...

this is one sweet table now, kinda looked shabby before now she looks wonderful xx

Kammy Wielenga said...

Rita, that looks fantastic! AND I love your disclaimer. I think I need to add that to the bottom of all my posts... I get too many questions and I'm like I'M NOT AN EXPERT!!!! Haha. Also, I just got the new Lowe's Creative magazine in the mail and it had a table almost just like this one redone. Loved it.

Deanna said...

Mind me asking which thriftstore??