Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who Needs A Workshop To Create!


We get to a point when the creativity stops,  the brain cells just refuse to work,  we find ourselves in a  funk, and nothing we say or do, is ever CREATIVE enough. Or, you’ve actually created something and then you look on social media and everyone else has done it better and someone is actually PAYING them to do it!  The thing we forget to look at, is the everyday creativity we possess and we all possess it. Yes, YOU are a brilliant creative person even if you can only draw stick figures!!

I’ve joined a girls group recently that is technically still in the works and I can’t tell you how inspired I get from everyday women and their stories. The sad thing is they don’t see how magnificent they are until someone shines a spot light on them and then they get a glimpse of what others see.  I think we are all guilty of doing that to ourselves. In the end, we doubt who we are and what we’re good at.


The problem with lots of women is we don’t consider ourselves to be “creative” if we can’t draw, sew or paint.  We especially beat ourselves up if we are some of the few that think we’re really creative but don’t have a thriving business of some kind, whether it be online or an actual brick and mortar shop. But because we don’t have those things doesn’t mean we are not creative and don’t deserve to be called a “creative”.

In fact I’ll give you an example of someone who never in a million years would say he was creative but he actually was.

When Brianna was in kindergarten, Sammy used to make her lunch all the time. The only thing that little girl would eat is Bologna. Not in a sandwich, mind you, by itself.  The thing is, Sam wouldn’t  just throw a slice in a sandwich bag for her. Nope, he’d take a two liter bottle top and cut circles for her. He cut them around the perimeter of the bologna so that it left a star in the middle. So every day she got her bologna circles and one star. He created a perfect and “creative” lunch for his little girl.

As a parent whose money gets tight, what do we do? WE get creative with our spending and we make it work. Or, if you’re somewhere (I hate when this happens) and an article of clothing decides to malfunction on you or your child, what do you do? You dig in your purse for a Mcgyver gadget to get you out of that situation. Again, CREATIVELY!

The fact of the matter is we are all creative! We may not think we are and we may compare ourselves to the wonderful world of Pinterest, but I’m sure if Pinterest were a webcam filming its contributors actual life, we’d all see some major crapola going on back there.  So stop beating yourself up already.

HOMEWORK- Think of 5 things you’ve done creatively this year. Whether it was painting the Mona Lisa or finding a creative place to hide your husband’s TV remote. You’re the creative one, and you don’t have to share your story here if you don’t want to but at least start thinking outside the box when you think of your attributes. Some days we just need encouragement and it’s better to start with ourselves.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

good for you! sounds like an amazing and fun group!

holli said...

Tell me about your group? is it a creative group- all ages, membership fee? Sounds very cool!

we are always our worst judge on ourselves.

Tami Michel said...

Awwww reminds me of a moms group I used to be in. It was so empowering being around those girls and made much of my life seem not so crazy! I miss that.