Friday, March 14, 2014

Going Out On A Limb (and praying a coconut doesn’t fall on my head and send me spiraling down)

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What’s Insanity? Well I learned this years ago from a dear friend who would yell it at me every time I did something over and over again and would then cry to her when nothing changed (You know who you are and thanks).

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This week of looking outside the box and spilling my guts on my blog, I wanted to let you in on something new I’m working into my life…muahhahaaha. For some reason, this week, I’ve become all kinds of empowered and light bulbs are flashing around in my head. So I’ve taken a step back to look through that murky bubble I call life and what I see is how limited I make myself. I just never saw it before.

This my friends is what I call a trip into Rita gone wild.

I’m adding to my list of things I do, the following services to local Dallas-ites:

1. One-on-One Furniture Painting Sessions- I know there are people out there who want with all their might, to finish a project that they just don’t have time to do. Or you’ve seen something similar and you want the look. You know you do so don’t hide behind that cup of coffee!  Ok, so what stops you, time, gusto, energy, knowledge, a friend…hello, have you heard me say this over and over on here?? I’m here, ask me, call me, I’m friendly, I promise.  Sessions can be held at your house, so I’ll come to you, we can shop together, we can have coffee together, we can work that piece of furniture like no one’s business. All you have to do is call me up to schedule a date.

2. Furniture Painting Parties- OMG doesn’t that sound like fun!?! Again, I’ve never done this before and don’t know what I’m doing with this one yet but it sure sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?? By the way, I realize this last sentence makes me sound super crazy but I’m sure Disney Land was built on a crazy idea, so I digress.  Come on girls, call up your friends, bring your crappy furniture and don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all got ugly in our lives.  If you’re interested let me know and we can work on the details, like what kind of creamer to bring for our coffee (are you seeing a trend here?)

3. Total Furniture Make Over- This one’s not as fun for you as it will be for me. I’ll basically paint a piece of your furniture for you if you don’t want to partake in anything painting related. I get that some of you are like “just do it for me and I’ll pay you”. There’s never anything wrong with that.

*Also,  I can always be on the lookout for something you’re looking for so if you have a wish list, let me know. Just keep in mind, that because you want it, doesn’t mean it will be there at the snap of my fingers. Sometimes it takes time but it never hurts to ask.

Some things I’m bouncing around is freebies I can do to help my community.  I don’t quite know what they are yet and honestly speaking, it may be a sure fire way to burn out city, but I doubt I’ll be inundated with requests so I think I’m good.

Now that you know what I’m doing differently to get out of my “insanity”, what are you doing differently to get out of yours?

(Gotcha thinking didn’t I?)

Have a perfect day because you deserve it!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

sounds like some fun plans! best of luck with all of it!

holli said...

YES!!! i want to come to your house painting party. I have plenty to paint for sure. Great ideas and so exciting.

Tami Michel said...

Your ideas sound fun! I know you will do well!