Monday, March 31, 2014


Each year I make a list of goals for myself that are not so much “New Year’s Resolutions” but actual goals that I’d like to accomplish that year.

This year I tried to stay practical but still force myself to get out of my ‘norm’ and change things up a bit. If you know me at all you know I’m frumpy at best and a home body. But this year is already starting to look good and I can actually say I’ve crossed a few things off the list already.

So here’s a reminder of what my goals were.


Again, this is a work in progress but I’m happy that I’m getting there and proud of myself for it.

1. Wear a skirt/dress at least twice a month- This wasn’t as dreadful as I though and I’ve found out that I actually like them- Go figure!! I’ve worn a skirt or dress (maxi dresses are awesome) at least twice each month. Turns out I am a girl after all! 

2. Buy jeans and bras that actually fit- Let’s just say I HAD to buy new sizes lately  (giddy with excitement) see #3

3.THIS IS MY BIG ONE- lose weight to where people will actually notice. This past Saturday (Mar. 29) Brianna celebrated her 17th birthday and I wanted to show you a picture of me last year on her Birthday and one from this year!

              March 29, 2013                                                  March 29. 2014DSCN0501 photo

4. I can definitely say people are “learning “ about my little curbside frontier and I now have business cards to hand out at my furniture parties. Remember lots of little baby steps can equal one BIG step in the right direction.

photo (1)

5. Sammy and I took a small vacation to Austin for my birthday and we had such a great time!! It was needed and we had a blast. Can’t wait for our next get away!

So that’s where I am to date. I’m pretty happy that I had some updates but even more, I hope I inspire you to do something you never thought you would or could for that matter. Lord knows Chocolate used to be my best friend! I never thought I’d be this proud of myself (but I am).

DZ (1)  


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

2014 is your year- you are making it happen, rita!

Bernadette Dominguez said...

I can help you with #1. And I can see the difference in #3.Keep it up girl!

Bernadette Dominguez said...
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Bernadette Dominguez said...
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Twice Nice said...

You go girl! You look great AND you look happy which is equally important.

Vickie Mireles said...

I am so proud of you. You look great and I love the picture look so amazing!!! Go Rita!

Tami Michel said...

Rita, Hmmmm! whatever happened to learning how to cook? I'm not doing too well with that one either! You look great! It's amazing to see the pics side by side. I still love your bday pics, you look so happy! Congrats on the business cards-I love them!