Monday, March 10, 2014

Creativity Spark and Course Changer This Week

This week I’m doing something different on my blog and It all stems from:

1. having my creativity stomped on and shoved down my throat (figuratively speaking of course)

2. getting the creative juices flowing again

3. writing just because I miss it

Often times, I think if I over write, I’ll lose readers or I’ll bore people to death. But let’s face the facts, those of you who read my posts are either family, or aren’t mean enough to tell me I suck and I appreciate that! And if one person gets anything useful from me, then it’s always worth it!

Consider that your warned and I hope I bring you some joy ;)


holli said...

You crack me up! I think every blogger feels that way about their posts. I havent posted yet since Friday so. Looking forward to your next creative project.

Tami Michel said...

Creative slump over here too. The weather doesn't help with us painting gals either! :(
I just sent you an email!