Thursday, February 06, 2014

We Are All Unique- Each And Every One Of Us!


being wierd

It’s been a great birthday week, until that is, I got sick and have the cold sores to prove it. #ColdSoresSuck!

Needless to say I haven’t painted a thing. In fact, I want to stay in bed which makes me wonder…Is this because I turned 40?? I’m sure not but who knows.

Regardless, I’m home from work today and looking on Pinterest, Facebook and all the other fun Social Media Sites (from bed of course) that makes me feel really sorry for myself because
1. I don’t have pretty nails to paint
2. The body for those cute clothes
3. I can’t cook worth a darn
4. I don’t have those awesome constant flow of furniture to be painted
5. The lighting in my house doesn’t look like the lighting in everyone else’s

…Shall I go on???  Maybe it’s the lack of energy I feel at this moment, not to mention I have bed head hair like nobody’s business, but in all honesty, I don’t feel half as bad as I could be feeling if it weren’t for the the lesson we’ve learned at church.
Seriously, we just got through a social media fast and you quickly learn how bad social media can make you feel about yourself. I know I do and I can bet, we all have that little angst in us when we pop open a blog with GREAT AMAZING STUFF and you’re left with “ but I only have a reupholstered chair.” Sound about right! Or “who really cares about my day”. Fact is we all go through this. We filter, we photoshop, we give you the highlights but the reason I don’t give in to the self doubt is because those photos are not mine. It’s not my life, my lighting, my camera, my body, my furniture….and I’m quite thankful for MY EVERYTHING! (this is what happens when you turn 40…you get it)

So on occasion, you’ll see me post a before and after picture, you might get a tutorial or two, or you’ll just hear me rant, but the thing I’d like to share most with you, is we are all people trying to make it in the world, with our doubts, our insecurities, our crappy days (mine is today), but we all have something, someone somewhere, might enjoy, or laugh at, or get tickled by, or even get help from. WE ALL HAVE IT, so never doubt that!

And you never know when or where inspiration will strike from! For Example:

Today, I woke up late, didn’t even realize it was snowing outside (yes it’s snowing in Texas right now), I look and feel like crap, I can’t eat or drink anything, did I mention I look like crap, Reese is even looking at me funny. I grabbed my laptop and read some of the blogs I follow. Well it did exactly what I didn’t want. It started to make me feel more in adequate than I did when I first woke up. But then I was on pinterest and saw this:


I can’t tag it to it’s rightful owner because I saved it without the link (sorry) but it reminded me of my friend Katie’s bed frame that she doesn’t really like. This look is so “her” and inspired me so much, I sent it to her and just maybe she’ll love it enough to try it on her bed.

Moral of that long drawn out story is regardless of the path I was headed at first, I saw this and know this is something I can do. It’s something I can offer. It’s tangible for me, it will make her happy and then I started to feel UNIQUE again, like I was the only one (she knows) that can help her with her head board and all that self doubt just seems so petty now.  The fact is we do it to ourselves. So my advise is DON’T. You are unique, just like I’m unique. Not saying to stop reading blogs, Facebook posts, instagram or pintrest, but find inspiration from them rather than judge yourself based on what they can do and you can’t. We can all do something, even if it’s just being a great MOM who’s kids LOVE their food (mine will NEVER say that by the way).

Anyway, I do this from time to time, I believe the scientific term is called “word vomit”.

Ok, gonna take it easy and get back to sleep now, just hope this post was worth something to someone!

Much Love,

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