Monday, February 03, 2014

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is your birthday….da da da da da…it’s my birthday too!

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You know the first time I remember ever having the age “40” cross my mind is when I had Ashley. I guess since I had her at 19 (just two months shy of being 20), the most prominent thing to me at the time is how old I would be when she was my age. I can distinctly remember thinking,”when Ashley’s 20, I’ll be 40!!” It used to seem so old to me then but now here we are!

I can truly say that looking back on my 40 years and and looking forward to the next 40 years, it’s a pretty great place to be standing. For a lack of  better words, “it’s all good!”.

That being said, I thought something fun to do today would be to give you 40 important, fun, too much information, quirky facts about Moi.  READY!!

1. My name was supposed to be Andrea (my sister’s name) but  my mom was pressured by my aunt to name me after her.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if my name is short for “Margarita”. No, it’s not, so quit asking!

2. I have fainted twice in my life. Once because I saw blood and the second in high school at a drill team practice. NICE!

3. I blow my nose EVERY SINGLE day and it’s VERY loud! And I’m so not embarrassed about it. My sister and cousin used to say that when I blew my nose, you were going to hear sirens after! I don’t know exactly what sirens, nor from whom, but they swore by it!

4. When I was younger, I used to tickle my sister until she peed on herself. She had a bladder infection and I took full advantage. I wasn’t always nice!

5. My favorite color has always been blue but I don’t have much of ANYTHING in that color.

6. One of my most embarrassing moments I remember was when I was a young teen (boys were important at that time) and we went to my grandpa’s company picnic. Anyway, some cute boys were near a gazebo and I, being the cool person I was, walked to the gazebo via a log that was in the stream. Needless to say , I fell off and into the water in front of A LOT of families and those boys. I hid the rest of the day.

7. My stepdad used to call me “Mija (which means like small girl), Rita” but if you put the two together in Spanish, it means “pitcher”.  He used to get a big kick out of that one!

8. Ya’ll probably knew this but I didn’t go to college. I tried my first year and had Ashley during final exam week. I never went back.

9. I DO NOT like Hot sauce!! I like mild, but not hot! I get lots of flak from my friends about that because they think being Hispanic automatically means you like hot food! Uhhh No, that is absolutely incorrect.

10. I crack myself up like all the time! I mean laugh out loud, knee slapping kind of cracking up!


11. I can’t tell time! I mean I can but it takes me forever. I prefer digital clocks.

12. I went to Catholic school K-8th grade. I was a VERY GOOD GIRL!

13. My mom went to beauty school so I’ve had different hair styles. I’ve had anywhere from a buzz cut to an afro,and I AM NOT LYING!

14. I can only speak one language- English

15. I tried Chinese food for the first time when I was  about 18 yrs old.

16. I’ve had my tonsils out

17. I used to get allergy shots in every other arm, on every other day for I don’t even remember how long!

18.  I used to eat a bowl of Ranch Style Beans every morning for Breakfast! Ewww gross I know!

19. I’m 5’1

20. I’ve just recently lost almost 20 flipping pounds!!! Yay for me!


21. OMG my all-time favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice! (Ohhhh that Mr. Darcy!!)

22. I only drink wine but have on occasion mixed that with a shot or two and regretted it later.

23. I hate all sports! Sorry sports fanatics!

24. The only book series I’ve ever read was Twilight! (ridiculous) yes, I was a Twi-hard! (Go team Edward)

25. I can’t cook, think ya’ll knew that too!

26. I used to never wear sandals because my cousin always said I had ugly feet. I think I finally did my senior year of high school.

27. I think I had two boyfriends before Sammy and that was all she wrote (uh did I mention I was a GOOD girl!!)

28. When I laugh, and I mean REALLY laugh, I start to cry and you literally can’t tell the difference. It’s the oddest thing!

29. Once, when the girls were small, one of their toys was under my driver seat. When I reached under the seat, I swore it was someone’s hand under there! I made Sammy go check the car for the severed hand that was under my seat!

30. I LIVE for Hallmark Christmas movies the entire month of December!


31. I’m afraid of water and don’t own a swimsuit. I don’t even remember the last time I owned one it’s been that long!

32. I sometimes get premonition’s in my dreams.  Not often but it’s happened. In fact two days ago I dreamt I gave Brianna Dollar coins and the next day, she said she made three bracelets for her friend and the friend gave her three dollar coins.  Spooky isn’t it!

33. My favorite number is 3

34. My favorite weather  is 66 degrees.

35.When I’m in the car alone I sometimes sing like I’m on a skit on Glee!

36. More often than not, I have paint on my hands than nail polish on my fingers.

37. My nicknames to date are: Reed, Riddler, Precious (by Sammy of course), Rita Weird (by my uncle), Deborah Lynn (by my mom…don’t ask) and sometimes she throws in Swan for an even better version (Rita Deborah Lynn Swan).

38. As graceful as I think I am, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kneed, kicked, poked, jabbed, or bruised poor Sam. I don’t think there’s ever been a romantic moment where I haven’t hurt him in some way. He should probably be bubble wrapped!

39. My family keeps tabs on my “Rita-isms”, like when I say “you have dirty on you”. I said that once when Brianna had a stain on her shirt and I couldn’t make out what it was.

40. The hardest phrase for me to say is “ I don’t know”. Even when I don’t know, I can swear I DO KNOW. Now I’ll admit there have been occasions where I’ve been wrong, and Sam and the girls LOOOVEEE to call me out on those times, BUT believe me, it never prevents me from speaking up when I know I’m really right!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me better even it was against your will and thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!

Love Always!

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