Monday, February 24, 2014

Regarding Henry

I don’t know if it’s just in the water, but it seems like everyone is either having a baby or has just had a baby. Which I guess is good for me because I’ll never have another baby (unless one gets dropped off at my doorstep), but I still get to do all the fun nursery stuff.  Oh my gosh and all the fun baby showers!! It makes me wish Pinterest was around when I was having my two girls. There was NOTHING fun or creative during that time. Clothes were even worse. I think I even wore jean overalls all the time (such a walking “what not to wear”).

I think you new mom’s out there are so lucky in that regard. It makes me kind of sad not to have another baby but then again, after labors that lasted 14 and 11 hours…that thought quickly exits my mind and sanity quickly takes it’s place.

But nonetheless, I do love that I’m thought of when someone wants something special for their baby to be.  It’s an honor I can’t describe. Like this horse, for example. I came upon it last weekend at a yard sale for $5 and quickly thought of my friend Cindy. She originally asked me to keep an eye out for a chair for her new great-nephew, but when I saw this guy, I couldn’t pass him up.

photo 5

He is hand crafted, sturdy as heck, but in dire need of paint to bring him to life.

I asked Cindy to send me the nursery color pallette which were primarily blue, yellow and tan hues and I came up with this:


Originally, I didn’t distress him but when I was done and he looked brand new, I decided it didn’t suit him. I just felt like he needed to look like kids have ridden him for years. I even sanded Henry’s name a bit to give it the same appeal.

So quick note to all  you mothers to be or brand new mom’s: If you see something (like this guy) that just makes your heart sing and you know in your soul that it is the perfect piece of that missing nursery room puzzle, will you please give me a call?!  Do you know how many times I’ve heard, “ it was absolutely perfect but it was the wrong color”…too many times…too many times.  I can even guide you along the process if you need it. I think I seriously need a cape to fly around the world and save peoples nursery's. Now if bad guys come, you’re on your own, but I will save your furniture.

Have a great week!!


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Kammy Wielenga said...

super cuteness, Rita!!! I want to paint another rocking horse now! :)