Friday, February 28, 2014

OH MY GOD I’M A DORK – and if you’ve left me comments you need to read this



Sooo…it turns out I have not gotten any comments in the last month or so…or so I thought! Typically, when I get a comment on a blog post of mine, I get an email which I’ll respond to,  then “post” the comment to my blog. Well apparently, something changed and no one told me. I seriously have not seen one single comment since before my birthday.  NOT ONE!! I seriously thought, man.. not even my birthday…(tear).  I promise, if you left me a comment that I did not reply to in the past month or so, it’s because I didn’t know I had a comment…like AT ALL!!!  I feel like an idiot!

I just happened to stumble upon one today (by chance) and saw I had three comments. I was like “what?” nothing showed up on my email, nor my little comment moderation section  (if you have a blog, you know what I’m talking about). Oh my  goodness, I felt so unloved for far too long and it turns out you do love me, and you think my projects are pretty and I just want to cry now.

So basically, “THANK YOU” to everyone who has commented in the last month or more, when I was oblivious to the fact that you took the time to comment at all. I didn’t write you back, not because I’m a bad person, but because I didn’t know you left me anything. Also,  I now see a ‘reply’ button but I can’t get it to work (darn it)but I’ll keep working  on that.

Ok, one more thing because I am all full of girly emotions right now…I really in my heart, think this happened because of something I did today. I have overlooked these comments for this long and today (for some reason) I saw them.  It’s crazy, but then today (alas) they are there, even the birthday wishes I didn’t know I had (can you imagine!).

So what did I do to deserve this…well I’ll tell you. But this really has to stay between us because if Sam finds out I’ll have some serious ‘splainin to do.

Ok, I went to Starbucks for a ‘skinny’ vanilla latte this morning and while in line, I got bumped from behind. IN MY NEW CAR.  I looked up pretty pissed off at my rear view mirror while yelling, “WHAT THE HELL?”.  You know what I saw in my mirror? An old lady with her daughter in a car that had a handicapped sticker on it. It made me feel bad for getting mad. She didn’t mean to do it. Part of me wanted to get out and check my poor car, but I could only see the frazzled look on this little lady’s face. I sat for a while then moved up. The lady looked at the back of my car (oh and her car was white and my car’s bumper is black) and shook her little hand which I’m assuming was to say it was ok.  I moved up and so did she but she kept a safe distance and just had this frazzled look to her the entire time. When I got up to the drive through speaker, I gave the guy my order and said I wanted to pay for the car behind me too. I figured this would maybe show her that it was ok and not to worry about it, not to mention calm her nerves a bit.  Anyway, I left feeling better and hope she did too AND THEN I GET LOVE COMMENTS FROM MY FRIENDS! That was truly my reward!

( I think I just wrote this entire thing in three minutes flat).

Ok, I’m gonna get back to reading my comments since I’m not done yet. I literally stopped in the middle of reading some to write this.

Thank you again!

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