Thursday, February 20, 2014

Michelle’s Jewelry Wall

SO…I met up with my friend Michelle last week and we got to talking and catching up on EVERYTHING! She has two girls almost my girls ages so to say we get each other is an understatement! What’s funny is how different we are when it comes to all things “GIRLY GIRL”. What I mean, is I’m not necessarily a jewelry wearer (bracelets is about it, NEVER earrings), I don’t wear too much make up, I have (now) two dresses…you get the idea.

She isn’t like me in that regard at all. She wears dresses and skirts to work everyday! She leaves her house dressed looking GREAT (I typically don’t give a shit when leave mine), and did I mention she has a make-up closet??? Yes you heard me correctly.

Long story longer, she showed me one of her projects that I wanted to share with you today. She wrote this for her work blog and I totally hijacked it so that I could share it with you. Ready? Here she is:

Who Says Organizing isn’t GLAMOROUS?

Hello, Ladies!

Ever get tired of wrestling with your accessories? Does your jewelry look something like this? Yes! Admit it, we all have this issue. Interested yet?


Well, problem solved!

I can’t tell you how fun it is to have such an organized (and girly!) jewelry wall. In fact, I think I’ll start calling it my dressing room, or as my family calls it...My Boutique!

Let's get started; here's what you need:

  • Long 6 feet Dowel Rod - The dowel was actually the least expensive. It was $0.97 at Home Depot AND they cut it to size for me.
  • 8 screw-in hooks - Surely you have these hooks sitting somewhere in your garage.
  • A box of Plastic Anchors - What handy man wouldn't give you a FREE box of plastic anchors, just to see you fail miserably, much to his surprise…
  • Sheet Metal - You could use just about anything from chicken wire, cloth or even string.
  • Old Picture Frame - I went to the local Good Will store and bought several sizes. I simply popped out the guts ($0.59 each).
  • Spray Paint - optional ($2.97)
  • Measuring Tape

First, you need to find your space. I used an empty wall in my bedroom. You could do this just about anywhere... closet, bathroom, even behind a door. Once you've identified your space, take a pencil and start drawing to lay things out. It's much better to erase the pencil marks than it is to fill in holes—trust me on this.

Next, measure your frame and cut the sheet metal material to the frame size. I used the same glass to cut around the sheet metal for the perfect fit.

Now that you’ve laid out your plan, it’s time for action. Use the plastic anchors to attach the hooks to the wall, and make sure to use the rod sizes carefully. I had my rod cut into three sizes (15, 20 & 25), which gave me the tiered effect of small, medium, and large. I also painted my rods black and left the other one silver, but you could choose a rainbow of colors...

I LOVE that I can see everything I own in one quick glance. It also looks so dang pretty! If I want to grab something, I simply unclasp a necklace or lift up the bar for a bracelet. Easy breezy.

image002        image003-001

So there you have it, my wall of jewels. The entire project—shelf, earring frame and jewelry rods—came in at around $20. The rest of the items I found at a garage sale. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do!

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