Monday, February 17, 2014

Finally, Some Good Weather and Something to Paint!

Every time I take a break from writing then finally get to writing a post, I feel like I’m opening my eyes, stretching my arms and gently yawning  “Good Morning”.  I think we’ve all been a little stumped by the weather the past few weeks,  so necessities have taken the front burners while all the good fun stuff takes the back. So, to say I’ve had the itch to do something remotely creative, is the understatement of the world.  But this weekend, that finally changed because finally, I  had some time to get out and go thrifting and hit some yard sales!

Although I did get one prized possession, I’ll show you a couple of pieces I passed on first.  These two were thrift store finds that were gorgeous but they were both out of my price range:

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

The hardest part for me when I shop around is having to tell myself “no” which I usually have to do that a lot, but the right piece always comes along at a price I can handle. In fact I’ll show you a perfect example.

Since the weather was nice for once this month, there weren’t many yard sales more than likely due to people anticipating the worst. So the ones I found were few and far between.  BUT, it was quite funny (or meant to be) that I ended up on a street outside of my normal area. I was about to go left at a light to head back,  but thought what the heck I’ll go right, knowing it would lead me out to one of the major streets away from the residential side of town. Regardless, I turned right anyway.  The next block over I saw a yard sale sign and checked it out.  I saw the typical pile of clothes and what not but then a little horse on the floor caught my eye.  I turned around and parked so that I could further inspect the rocking horse.

He was pretty awesome, sturdy and perfect for a my friend Cindy, who a month or so before, asked me to keep my eye out for a chair for her nephew’s nursery. Well I didn’t find the chair but this rocking horse was perfect and so was the price- only $5. The lady at the yard sale said it was hand made by a parishioner at her church. PERFECT!

I loaded up the horse and headed out to the main street when I looked up and saw something that confirmed that this horse was perfect for Cindy. See, when Cindy lived in Arlington Tx, she had these two little boy statues in the front of her house. They were old/nostalgic and quite honestly, I’d never seen any like them before.  Well, a couple of housed down from the yard sale, was a house with the same two statues in the front yard. They were the exact same as Cindy had in front of her house.  What are the odds??!!  Anyway, I got home and showed her this picture…and as I assumed, she loved it!

photo 5

I’m actually painting him now so I should have a picture of the finished product soon.  Again, as I said before, the right piece always comes along!

I hope you have a great week, and I’ll be posting my friend Michelle’s project this week, so you might want to check that out!