Friday, February 28, 2014

OH MY GOD I’M A DORK – and if you’ve left me comments you need to read this



Sooo…it turns out I have not gotten any comments in the last month or so…or so I thought! Typically, when I get a comment on a blog post of mine, I get an email which I’ll respond to,  then “post” the comment to my blog. Well apparently, something changed and no one told me. I seriously have not seen one single comment since before my birthday.  NOT ONE!! I seriously thought, man.. not even my birthday…(tear).  I promise, if you left me a comment that I did not reply to in the past month or so, it’s because I didn’t know I had a comment…like AT ALL!!!  I feel like an idiot!

I just happened to stumble upon one today (by chance) and saw I had three comments. I was like “what?” nothing showed up on my email, nor my little comment moderation section  (if you have a blog, you know what I’m talking about). Oh my  goodness, I felt so unloved for far too long and it turns out you do love me, and you think my projects are pretty and I just want to cry now.

So basically, “THANK YOU” to everyone who has commented in the last month or more, when I was oblivious to the fact that you took the time to comment at all. I didn’t write you back, not because I’m a bad person, but because I didn’t know you left me anything. Also,  I now see a ‘reply’ button but I can’t get it to work (darn it)but I’ll keep working  on that.

Ok, one more thing because I am all full of girly emotions right now…I really in my heart, think this happened because of something I did today. I have overlooked these comments for this long and today (for some reason) I saw them.  It’s crazy, but then today (alas) they are there, even the birthday wishes I didn’t know I had (can you imagine!).

So what did I do to deserve this…well I’ll tell you. But this really has to stay between us because if Sam finds out I’ll have some serious ‘splainin to do.

Ok, I went to Starbucks for a ‘skinny’ vanilla latte this morning and while in line, I got bumped from behind. IN MY NEW CAR.  I looked up pretty pissed off at my rear view mirror while yelling, “WHAT THE HELL?”.  You know what I saw in my mirror? An old lady with her daughter in a car that had a handicapped sticker on it. It made me feel bad for getting mad. She didn’t mean to do it. Part of me wanted to get out and check my poor car, but I could only see the frazzled look on this little lady’s face. I sat for a while then moved up. The lady looked at the back of my car (oh and her car was white and my car’s bumper is black) and shook her little hand which I’m assuming was to say it was ok.  I moved up and so did she but she kept a safe distance and just had this frazzled look to her the entire time. When I got up to the drive through speaker, I gave the guy my order and said I wanted to pay for the car behind me too. I figured this would maybe show her that it was ok and not to worry about it, not to mention calm her nerves a bit.  Anyway, I left feeling better and hope she did too AND THEN I GET LOVE COMMENTS FROM MY FRIENDS! That was truly my reward!

( I think I just wrote this entire thing in three minutes flat).

Ok, I’m gonna get back to reading my comments since I’m not done yet. I literally stopped in the middle of reading some to write this.

Thank you again!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hardest Part of Losing Weight is Losing Weight

I’ve kind of been off the grid so I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you or not,  but I went to my doctor back in November and then again in December when all my depression stuff went out of whack, remember?  Well it was during that time that I found out how out of shape I was and how it impacted my health.  I’m overweight, cholesterol is too high, and I’m borderline diabetic. I basically got the talk you don’t want to get when you go to the doctor.

So it all summed up to me having to make major lifestyle changes. This is again, nothing you ever want to hear. So I did as instructed and I cut the daily chocolate and sweets. I still wasn’t eating great but it was at least better than what it was. I think in the first couple of weeks I dropped 5 pounds. I was excited but you know the feeling you get when one hair is out of place on your head and you see it but no one else does? I felt like that because I felt such a great accomplishment but no one else saw those five pounds fling off my body. Nope, just me. Then a month later, I got to 10 pounds. Halleluiah…I was doing so great and again, no one noticed. Just me, which I find hard to believe that If I hold a ten pound bowling ball in my hand, you’re gonna sit there and tell me you don’t see that this huge thing, has fallen off of my body. But yet, no one saw it.

A few weeks later, I had to go to back to the doctor for a checkup and she said I was doing great and get this, “no longer obese but now just overweight”. Are you kidding me?? I’m not obese anymore, when was I ever? I didn’t even know that was a factor.   Regardless of the ten pounds I dropped, I was still borderline diabetic and cholesterol was still too high. Even after ALL of the changes I had made. Not gonna lie, it really sucked to hear that.

Last month I managed to get to 15 pounds and again, no one noticed, except Sammy, Brianna, Ashley and the scale in my restroom. I got over the fact that no one would notice that I looked smaller nor the obvious fact that, hello, the big boobs that usually greeted you when you met me were no longer in your face. Sorry but that is really how I felt. 

At this point, I hadn’t exercised once!! I only learned to get by on “no sugar added” alternatives and no chocolate intake which was and has always been my weakness.  Insert side story here: When I was little and had to have an allergy test where they basically shoot you with a hundred needles testing to see what you are allergic to, my mom can attest that my only concern was that I wouldn’t be allergic to chocolate. I couldn’t deal without it even at that age.

Now, here we are, 3-4 months later and I’m 20 pounds lighter and guess what, FINALLY someone noticed. That, I have to say, was a great feeling. But I’m so not out of the water yet. I still have to get my cholesterol in check and the whole diabetes borderline thing is something I still struggle with. I ‘reward’ myself from time to time with a cup of chocolate ice cream or cookies because, hello, I deserve it right?! But do I really? I just received a picture of me with an old high school friend and now daytime TV anchor but standing next to her, sheesh, I  seriously wish I would have reconsidered the “chocolate rewards” and not to mention get my butt to exercising already!!

IMG_2290-001    IMG_2291 (1)-001

I’m not gonna say I’m not proud of myself, because I really am and the past few months have been hard enough with temptation all around me. But I do see the changes that still need to take place and a lifestyle that needs some serious reevaluating, but I’m getting there.

Anyway, I’ll check back in on this subject and let you know what’s changed and maybe you can help me to be a little more accountable for getting on the ball. Thanks for listening to this “I hate my weight” rant and let me just say that Cynthia is wearing heels and I’m in flats, okay!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Regarding Henry

I don’t know if it’s just in the water, but it seems like everyone is either having a baby or has just had a baby. Which I guess is good for me because I’ll never have another baby (unless one gets dropped off at my doorstep), but I still get to do all the fun nursery stuff.  Oh my gosh and all the fun baby showers!! It makes me wish Pinterest was around when I was having my two girls. There was NOTHING fun or creative during that time. Clothes were even worse. I think I even wore jean overalls all the time (such a walking “what not to wear”).

I think you new mom’s out there are so lucky in that regard. It makes me kind of sad not to have another baby but then again, after labors that lasted 14 and 11 hours…that thought quickly exits my mind and sanity quickly takes it’s place.

But nonetheless, I do love that I’m thought of when someone wants something special for their baby to be.  It’s an honor I can’t describe. Like this horse, for example. I came upon it last weekend at a yard sale for $5 and quickly thought of my friend Cindy. She originally asked me to keep an eye out for a chair for her new great-nephew, but when I saw this guy, I couldn’t pass him up.

photo 5

He is hand crafted, sturdy as heck, but in dire need of paint to bring him to life.

I asked Cindy to send me the nursery color pallette which were primarily blue, yellow and tan hues and I came up with this:


Originally, I didn’t distress him but when I was done and he looked brand new, I decided it didn’t suit him. I just felt like he needed to look like kids have ridden him for years. I even sanded Henry’s name a bit to give it the same appeal.

So quick note to all  you mothers to be or brand new mom’s: If you see something (like this guy) that just makes your heart sing and you know in your soul that it is the perfect piece of that missing nursery room puzzle, will you please give me a call?!  Do you know how many times I’ve heard, “ it was absolutely perfect but it was the wrong color”…too many times…too many times.  I can even guide you along the process if you need it. I think I seriously need a cape to fly around the world and save peoples nursery's. Now if bad guys come, you’re on your own, but I will save your furniture.

Have a great week!!


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Michelle’s Jewelry Wall

SO…I met up with my friend Michelle last week and we got to talking and catching up on EVERYTHING! She has two girls almost my girls ages so to say we get each other is an understatement! What’s funny is how different we are when it comes to all things “GIRLY GIRL”. What I mean, is I’m not necessarily a jewelry wearer (bracelets is about it, NEVER earrings), I don’t wear too much make up, I have (now) two dresses…you get the idea.

She isn’t like me in that regard at all. She wears dresses and skirts to work everyday! She leaves her house dressed looking GREAT (I typically don’t give a shit when leave mine), and did I mention she has a make-up closet??? Yes you heard me correctly.

Long story longer, she showed me one of her projects that I wanted to share with you today. She wrote this for her work blog and I totally hijacked it so that I could share it with you. Ready? Here she is:

Who Says Organizing isn’t GLAMOROUS?

Hello, Ladies!

Ever get tired of wrestling with your accessories? Does your jewelry look something like this? Yes! Admit it, we all have this issue. Interested yet?


Well, problem solved!

I can’t tell you how fun it is to have such an organized (and girly!) jewelry wall. In fact, I think I’ll start calling it my dressing room, or as my family calls it...My Boutique!

Let's get started; here's what you need:

  • Long 6 feet Dowel Rod - The dowel was actually the least expensive. It was $0.97 at Home Depot AND they cut it to size for me.
  • 8 screw-in hooks - Surely you have these hooks sitting somewhere in your garage.
  • A box of Plastic Anchors - What handy man wouldn't give you a FREE box of plastic anchors, just to see you fail miserably, much to his surprise…
  • Sheet Metal - You could use just about anything from chicken wire, cloth or even string.
  • Old Picture Frame - I went to the local Good Will store and bought several sizes. I simply popped out the guts ($0.59 each).
  • Spray Paint - optional ($2.97)
  • Measuring Tape

First, you need to find your space. I used an empty wall in my bedroom. You could do this just about anywhere... closet, bathroom, even behind a door. Once you've identified your space, take a pencil and start drawing to lay things out. It's much better to erase the pencil marks than it is to fill in holes—trust me on this.

Next, measure your frame and cut the sheet metal material to the frame size. I used the same glass to cut around the sheet metal for the perfect fit.

Now that you’ve laid out your plan, it’s time for action. Use the plastic anchors to attach the hooks to the wall, and make sure to use the rod sizes carefully. I had my rod cut into three sizes (15, 20 & 25), which gave me the tiered effect of small, medium, and large. I also painted my rods black and left the other one silver, but you could choose a rainbow of colors...

I LOVE that I can see everything I own in one quick glance. It also looks so dang pretty! If I want to grab something, I simply unclasp a necklace or lift up the bar for a bracelet. Easy breezy.

image002        image003-001

So there you have it, my wall of jewels. The entire project—shelf, earring frame and jewelry rods—came in at around $20. The rest of the items I found at a garage sale. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Finally, Some Good Weather and Something to Paint!

Every time I take a break from writing then finally get to writing a post, I feel like I’m opening my eyes, stretching my arms and gently yawning  “Good Morning”.  I think we’ve all been a little stumped by the weather the past few weeks,  so necessities have taken the front burners while all the good fun stuff takes the back. So, to say I’ve had the itch to do something remotely creative, is the understatement of the world.  But this weekend, that finally changed because finally, I  had some time to get out and go thrifting and hit some yard sales!

Although I did get one prized possession, I’ll show you a couple of pieces I passed on first.  These two were thrift store finds that were gorgeous but they were both out of my price range:

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

The hardest part for me when I shop around is having to tell myself “no” which I usually have to do that a lot, but the right piece always comes along at a price I can handle. In fact I’ll show you a perfect example.

Since the weather was nice for once this month, there weren’t many yard sales more than likely due to people anticipating the worst. So the ones I found were few and far between.  BUT, it was quite funny (or meant to be) that I ended up on a street outside of my normal area. I was about to go left at a light to head back,  but thought what the heck I’ll go right, knowing it would lead me out to one of the major streets away from the residential side of town. Regardless, I turned right anyway.  The next block over I saw a yard sale sign and checked it out.  I saw the typical pile of clothes and what not but then a little horse on the floor caught my eye.  I turned around and parked so that I could further inspect the rocking horse.

He was pretty awesome, sturdy and perfect for a my friend Cindy, who a month or so before, asked me to keep my eye out for a chair for her nephew’s nursery. Well I didn’t find the chair but this rocking horse was perfect and so was the price- only $5. The lady at the yard sale said it was hand made by a parishioner at her church. PERFECT!

I loaded up the horse and headed out to the main street when I looked up and saw something that confirmed that this horse was perfect for Cindy. See, when Cindy lived in Arlington Tx, she had these two little boy statues in the front of her house. They were old/nostalgic and quite honestly, I’d never seen any like them before.  Well, a couple of housed down from the yard sale, was a house with the same two statues in the front yard. They were the exact same as Cindy had in front of her house.  What are the odds??!!  Anyway, I got home and showed her this picture…and as I assumed, she loved it!

photo 5

I’m actually painting him now so I should have a picture of the finished product soon.  Again, as I said before, the right piece always comes along!

I hope you have a great week, and I’ll be posting my friend Michelle’s project this week, so you might want to check that out!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

We Are All Unique- Each And Every One Of Us!


being wierd

It’s been a great birthday week, until that is, I got sick and have the cold sores to prove it. #ColdSoresSuck!

Needless to say I haven’t painted a thing. In fact, I want to stay in bed which makes me wonder…Is this because I turned 40?? I’m sure not but who knows.

Regardless, I’m home from work today and looking on Pinterest, Facebook and all the other fun Social Media Sites (from bed of course) that makes me feel really sorry for myself because
1. I don’t have pretty nails to paint
2. The body for those cute clothes
3. I can’t cook worth a darn
4. I don’t have those awesome constant flow of furniture to be painted
5. The lighting in my house doesn’t look like the lighting in everyone else’s

…Shall I go on???  Maybe it’s the lack of energy I feel at this moment, not to mention I have bed head hair like nobody’s business, but in all honesty, I don’t feel half as bad as I could be feeling if it weren’t for the the lesson we’ve learned at church.
Seriously, we just got through a social media fast and you quickly learn how bad social media can make you feel about yourself. I know I do and I can bet, we all have that little angst in us when we pop open a blog with GREAT AMAZING STUFF and you’re left with “ but I only have a reupholstered chair.” Sound about right! Or “who really cares about my day”. Fact is we all go through this. We filter, we photoshop, we give you the highlights but the reason I don’t give in to the self doubt is because those photos are not mine. It’s not my life, my lighting, my camera, my body, my furniture….and I’m quite thankful for MY EVERYTHING! (this is what happens when you turn 40…you get it)

So on occasion, you’ll see me post a before and after picture, you might get a tutorial or two, or you’ll just hear me rant, but the thing I’d like to share most with you, is we are all people trying to make it in the world, with our doubts, our insecurities, our crappy days (mine is today), but we all have something, someone somewhere, might enjoy, or laugh at, or get tickled by, or even get help from. WE ALL HAVE IT, so never doubt that!

And you never know when or where inspiration will strike from! For Example:

Today, I woke up late, didn’t even realize it was snowing outside (yes it’s snowing in Texas right now), I look and feel like crap, I can’t eat or drink anything, did I mention I look like crap, Reese is even looking at me funny. I grabbed my laptop and read some of the blogs I follow. Well it did exactly what I didn’t want. It started to make me feel more in adequate than I did when I first woke up. But then I was on pinterest and saw this:


I can’t tag it to it’s rightful owner because I saved it without the link (sorry) but it reminded me of my friend Katie’s bed frame that she doesn’t really like. This look is so “her” and inspired me so much, I sent it to her and just maybe she’ll love it enough to try it on her bed.

Moral of that long drawn out story is regardless of the path I was headed at first, I saw this and know this is something I can do. It’s something I can offer. It’s tangible for me, it will make her happy and then I started to feel UNIQUE again, like I was the only one (she knows) that can help her with her head board and all that self doubt just seems so petty now.  The fact is we do it to ourselves. So my advise is DON’T. You are unique, just like I’m unique. Not saying to stop reading blogs, Facebook posts, instagram or pintrest, but find inspiration from them rather than judge yourself based on what they can do and you can’t. We can all do something, even if it’s just being a great MOM who’s kids LOVE their food (mine will NEVER say that by the way).

Anyway, I do this from time to time, I believe the scientific term is called “word vomit”.

Ok, gonna take it easy and get back to sleep now, just hope this post was worth something to someone!

Much Love,

Monday, February 03, 2014

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is your birthday….da da da da da…it’s my birthday too!

photo 1-001

You know the first time I remember ever having the age “40” cross my mind is when I had Ashley. I guess since I had her at 19 (just two months shy of being 20), the most prominent thing to me at the time is how old I would be when she was my age. I can distinctly remember thinking,”when Ashley’s 20, I’ll be 40!!” It used to seem so old to me then but now here we are!

I can truly say that looking back on my 40 years and and looking forward to the next 40 years, it’s a pretty great place to be standing. For a lack of  better words, “it’s all good!”.

That being said, I thought something fun to do today would be to give you 40 important, fun, too much information, quirky facts about Moi.  READY!!

1. My name was supposed to be Andrea (my sister’s name) but  my mom was pressured by my aunt to name me after her.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked if my name is short for “Margarita”. No, it’s not, so quit asking!

2. I have fainted twice in my life. Once because I saw blood and the second in high school at a drill team practice. NICE!

3. I blow my nose EVERY SINGLE day and it’s VERY loud! And I’m so not embarrassed about it. My sister and cousin used to say that when I blew my nose, you were going to hear sirens after! I don’t know exactly what sirens, nor from whom, but they swore by it!

4. When I was younger, I used to tickle my sister until she peed on herself. She had a bladder infection and I took full advantage. I wasn’t always nice!

5. My favorite color has always been blue but I don’t have much of ANYTHING in that color.

6. One of my most embarrassing moments I remember was when I was a young teen (boys were important at that time) and we went to my grandpa’s company picnic. Anyway, some cute boys were near a gazebo and I, being the cool person I was, walked to the gazebo via a log that was in the stream. Needless to say , I fell off and into the water in front of A LOT of families and those boys. I hid the rest of the day.

7. My stepdad used to call me “Mija (which means like small girl), Rita” but if you put the two together in Spanish, it means “pitcher”.  He used to get a big kick out of that one!

8. Ya’ll probably knew this but I didn’t go to college. I tried my first year and had Ashley during final exam week. I never went back.

9. I DO NOT like Hot sauce!! I like mild, but not hot! I get lots of flak from my friends about that because they think being Hispanic automatically means you like hot food! Uhhh No, that is absolutely incorrect.

10. I crack myself up like all the time! I mean laugh out loud, knee slapping kind of cracking up!


11. I can’t tell time! I mean I can but it takes me forever. I prefer digital clocks.

12. I went to Catholic school K-8th grade. I was a VERY GOOD GIRL!

13. My mom went to beauty school so I’ve had different hair styles. I’ve had anywhere from a buzz cut to an afro,and I AM NOT LYING!

14. I can only speak one language- English

15. I tried Chinese food for the first time when I was  about 18 yrs old.

16. I’ve had my tonsils out

17. I used to get allergy shots in every other arm, on every other day for I don’t even remember how long!

18.  I used to eat a bowl of Ranch Style Beans every morning for Breakfast! Ewww gross I know!

19. I’m 5’1

20. I’ve just recently lost almost 20 flipping pounds!!! Yay for me!


21. OMG my all-time favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice! (Ohhhh that Mr. Darcy!!)

22. I only drink wine but have on occasion mixed that with a shot or two and regretted it later.

23. I hate all sports! Sorry sports fanatics!

24. The only book series I’ve ever read was Twilight! (ridiculous) yes, I was a Twi-hard! (Go team Edward)

25. I can’t cook, think ya’ll knew that too!

26. I used to never wear sandals because my cousin always said I had ugly feet. I think I finally did my senior year of high school.

27. I think I had two boyfriends before Sammy and that was all she wrote (uh did I mention I was a GOOD girl!!)

28. When I laugh, and I mean REALLY laugh, I start to cry and you literally can’t tell the difference. It’s the oddest thing!

29. Once, when the girls were small, one of their toys was under my driver seat. When I reached under the seat, I swore it was someone’s hand under there! I made Sammy go check the car for the severed hand that was under my seat!

30. I LIVE for Hallmark Christmas movies the entire month of December!


31. I’m afraid of water and don’t own a swimsuit. I don’t even remember the last time I owned one it’s been that long!

32. I sometimes get premonition’s in my dreams.  Not often but it’s happened. In fact two days ago I dreamt I gave Brianna Dollar coins and the next day, she said she made three bracelets for her friend and the friend gave her three dollar coins.  Spooky isn’t it!

33. My favorite number is 3

34. My favorite weather  is 66 degrees.

35.When I’m in the car alone I sometimes sing like I’m on a skit on Glee!

36. More often than not, I have paint on my hands than nail polish on my fingers.

37. My nicknames to date are: Reed, Riddler, Precious (by Sammy of course), Rita Weird (by my uncle), Deborah Lynn (by my mom…don’t ask) and sometimes she throws in Swan for an even better version (Rita Deborah Lynn Swan).

38. As graceful as I think I am, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kneed, kicked, poked, jabbed, or bruised poor Sam. I don’t think there’s ever been a romantic moment where I haven’t hurt him in some way. He should probably be bubble wrapped!

39. My family keeps tabs on my “Rita-isms”, like when I say “you have dirty on you”. I said that once when Brianna had a stain on her shirt and I couldn’t make out what it was.

40. The hardest phrase for me to say is “ I don’t know”. Even when I don’t know, I can swear I DO KNOW. Now I’ll admit there have been occasions where I’ve been wrong, and Sam and the girls LOOOVEEE to call me out on those times, BUT believe me, it never prevents me from speaking up when I know I’m really right!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me better even it was against your will and thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!

Love Always!