Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vase, Voz…Potato, Potaaato

What do you do when you’re artsy fartsy and you just have to paint something?

Well, unfortunately, my family knows the answer to that question all too well because at some point or another, I have painted something of theirs and yes, sometimes against their will. (ButThat’sOnlyBecuaseILoveThemAndKnowWhat’sBestForThem!!!!)

Anyway, recently I’ve been wanting to put a couple of vase’s on my mantle and after Christmas, never got around to doing it. I’ve now learned through Cassie’s blog, that not only do I need this, but I need Pom Pom’s as well to give it that extra  special something.  I’m not sure Sammy will go for the pom pom’s so I’ll have to  incorporate those ever so slowly!!

Anyway, I looked around for some cheap vases I liked but haven’t really found anything that spoke to me (yes things speak to me) and also spoke my budget language. I was lucky enough to find these at target for $3.19 each. Since they were boring and in dire need of paint (muahhhahaha), I came to their rescue.


I decided on a stencil form Lotta Jans Dotter that my sister bought me a couple of Christmas’s ago.

All I did was roll that sucker around my vase and tape it on. Now keep in mind that this was a 10 minute project (if that) so I wasn’t going for anything perfect, in fact, I kind of prefer things that way.


Then I just took my paint marker and filled in the stencil and voilà, modern geometric vase(or VOZ) whichever you prefer.


I seriously don’t even think it goes with the off-white mirror I have sitting up there (hindsight) but they work for now ha ha!

….now for the pom poms….

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