Thursday, January 30, 2014

Olivia’s Whatchamacallit

For those of you who don’t know, Olivia (Liv) is my youngest sister and the fashionista of the family at (3)

She is precious, precious, precious (am I bias or what), and this Christmas I had had no idea what to get her, that is until I this came into my life.

photo (4)

Enter: The Thingamabob/ Whatchamacallit. 

That’s just it, I have absolutely no idea what its purpose on this earth was for. I tried to Google it and asked friends from Lula B’s (antique mall) if they’ve ever run across such a different item before. NO LUCK!  I was thinking maybe an old news paper rack of some kind??? Seriously, nothing comes to mind. But the minute it entered my life (via a friend who knew I could pull something out of my hat to make it work), I knew exactly what it would be used for.

So here’s some background on the piece to give you a good idea of what we’re dealing with.  It is really short, maybe 3ft tall and from the bottom board to the floor is only 8”high. The depth of the board is only a foot and not very sturdy so it wouldn’t work for a bench. As far as length, it’s about 48” long. So it’s a real odd shape but I had plans…oh did I have plans.

I will interject that I didn’t get it to her by Christmas as originally planned and with my crazy schedule and our weather here in Texas, I just now FINALLY finished it.

Here is her new white and gold scarf rack:


(ahem…the scarves in the pictures are mine and about the only ones I own..again…She’s the fashionista!)

The thing about Liv is this girl is always dressed up!! She used to have a blog where she’d post all her different outfits and they were pretty darn awesome!!  She collects scarves among other things so I knew this would be perfect for her to hang all her scarves on. She even works for a company that sells scarves so I think this will work out just perfectly for her.

My favorite part of this odd guy, is it  blossomed into a beautiful, usable scarf rack!

…you see, we all do have a purpose in the world!

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