Monday, January 13, 2014

Living Room Reveal

Major/Minor renovating at the Mireles house, but a little can definitely go a long way.

I tried to find some pictures of what my living room looked like before but after all my pictures were accidentally deleted,  this is all I have. This will give you a vague idea anyway. You can basically scooch the beige sofa over and that’s what it looked like.

photo-1-44   photo-2-53

Here it is now (granted walls are still a little bare but I’m working on that):

Looking from the Dining Room into the Living Room.


Looking from the Front Door into the Living Room.


Entry Way (Behind the above shot). You can read about the Buffet redo HERE. Lamps are from JC Penny’s purchased on Black Friday!


New Sofa from Rooms To Go, also purchased on Black Friday!


Carpet is from Rugs USA

Pillows are form my lovely friend Erin who’s shop is on Etsy- Erin Langland Decor. She is also sending me another pillowcase (the yellow one) and a table runner that will be in the grey/yellow fabric below which will go on my buffet (can’t wait).


And last but not least, the curtains are from Martha Stuart, purchased at Home Depot.


I know I’ve been all preachy, preachy these days but, again, it’s not the size of the room or house or the quality of pictures that matter. It never should. It’s about how it makes you feel and I know when I get home from anywhere, I like what I see now. And as you can tell, my house is not BIG but it’s home…and it really is where my heart is. Remember this room was done on a budget so the majority of the items we got were great deals on Black Friday. Yes, we were the ones looking for Sofa’s while everyone and their mother’s were out looking for toys and electronics. My brother-in- law even said, when we told him we were shopping for a sofa, “ Who does that”, haha, we do !!

Another thing to remember is to fill it with the things you love and that’s what I’m doing. No it’s not conventional to have two clocks in one room, but I do…not on the same wall of course, but the Starburst was given to me my mom and sister and it is vintage find (LOVE) and the other was a Christmas gift this year form my brother who had it made on Etsy( total score!). It’s made of wood planks.

IMG_3128  IMG_3136

This precious sing was given to me by fellow blogger Kammy from Kammy’s Korner . When I saw it on a blog post and told her I loved it and wanted to buy it, she sent it to me free!  I’m planning on hanging it on the wall!!

I also am working on a picture wall, but these may remain in the cube cabinet that Sammy won’t let me get rid of.


The one on the left is a quote I love and the one to the right is my grandma on her wedding day, hugging her dad. Sigh…I absolutely love that picture and how that moment was captured.

So again, the little things are what matter, not the size of your home, the money you spent on your new room, or how clean your house is. It just has to make YOU happy! Now a few more photos:


Love the detail on this mirror. I got it from an estate sale for $20 which was QUITE a lot for me at the time but I fell in love with these details. It was originally a dark wood color and looked very dated so I painted it in Annie Sloan Pure white to match the buffet.


Oh and Sammy’s TV still stands at center stage. You can read about it’s transformation here. The difference is we replaced the speaker screens with acrylic panels.

And just to further prove that I’m not a snob(haha) here’s what it looked like on the other side of this room while I was taking pictures:

Thought you might like that. 

Have a good one and thanks anticipating my living room reveal!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love the new color so much, and that buffet in the entry is my absolute favorite part!

Twice Nice said...

Love the entire room Rita!! But I keep getting drawn in by all the little detail pieces, the pillows, the clocks (love them both!), the lamps, the buffet, the photo in the cube. You rocked it and made it true to you and that's what makes it great!

Tami Michel said...

Rita, you did such a great job. The room looks lighter and brighter and must be a joy to live in. I love all of your color combinations too. Great job.

Tami Michel said...

Rita, I tweaked my blob profile again. Can you see if you can reply directly to this comment this time? Thanks!