Friday, January 24, 2014

It’s Friday, Let’s Paint Something!


I was recently asked by a couple of friends if I was still doing my “Furniture Thing”. Yes, the answer is ALWAYS yes! One said she hadn’t seen much on my blog or Facebook posts(true) and the other basically wanted to know what furniture I had on hand that she could see and perhaps buy!

So just incase you’re wondering, yes, I’m still doing the “furniture thing” and in fact I’m kinda sorta in the business planning stage of it all. I lacked direction which I’m currently working on now. That being said, I’d prefer not to have too much on hand, as my house is small enough already and I’d love to move forward in the direction of “if you have it, let me see it and I’ll paint it for you”.  So I guess you could say, more custom orders.  This way I can still get my paint on, and won’t get in trouble with Sam every time he stubs his toe and asks “WHY DO WE  HAVE THIS HERE AGAIN???”

I’m also not a marketing professional so I have no idea how to sell myself. That’s where my friends come in, so friends if you’re listening, I need ya! Anyway, enough about me,(I’ve noticed how wordy I’ve become on here). Have a great weekend, create something and love somebody!!


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