Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ike Is Quite a Handsome Fella

You met him a couple of months ago and you can read about our first meeting here.  Since then, he’s been sitting in a quiet corner of the house waiting for a much needed make over and for me to get my much needed meds straight so I could do him justice, which by the way I finally did!

If you don’t remember him, I found him in a back corner of Lula B’s and took him home with me. Excuse the IPhone pictures which I took at night by the way (don’t recommend that). He looked like this when I found him.

photo 2 (6)photo 3 (6)photo 1 (6)

Now he looks like this!! (HEART, LOVE)


And guess what? He’s all mine.  I’m keeping him for myself because I love him so much!

Now, I will tell you one thing I’m frankly pretty perturbed about and that is his back side.  If you remember before he had this split down the middle.  My original idea was to have beadboard cut to size and painted the same duck egg blue color you see above. Well that didn’t happen and I’ll tell you why in a sec. Then, I tried for another thicker grade of wood (again, tell you why in a sec), which was boring but could be painted.  NOPE, that didn’t happen either.  Which leads to why I went with what I did.

See, the thing is I LOVE HOME DEPOT. They have the colors I need, the credit card I hold, and the paint department peeps are my friends…BUT, and I mean BIG TIME BUT!! The customer service in the lumber department is horrible.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few people I’ve encountered that are great help, but sheesh, 8 out of 10 odds is pretty bad. I mean, help someone out!

So THIS time, I couldn’t find anyone in the department. When I went for help, they told me to try to chase the one guy on a fork lift to see if he could help me. SERIOUSLY?! Turned out he couldn’t. So finally after 20 minutes, I track down this guy that looked like he was 15 . He happened to be helping someone at the moment so I waited another 15 minutes for him to be done. When he was done, it’s like I was invisible. I had to raise my voice to this little pip squeak and say “Hello, do you think you could help me??”. He didn’t really help other than to say they couldn’t cut the wood I needed unless it was a 2x4. He called a few people but apparently the saw they have doesn’t cut anything in the thickness I  needed.  I was over it anyway so I left.

When I got home, I further investigated Ike’s backside. It was intact, just crappy but still sturdy enough. I went with it and gorilla glued a part back together which still left the inside unsightly.  SOOOO….I found some old textured wallpaper in my craft closet and lined it with that. And now he’s real purdy!

photo 1 (7)IMG_3263

I didn’t end up spending anything on him since I had everything on hand, however, the paint I used was CiCi Caldwell chalk paint which IS pretty pricey and WILL STAIN YOUR HANDS! I learned that the hard way and ended up with black tinted hands for about 4 days! Nice for work (right?!)and apparently a conversation starter.

I’m glad he is finally done and just in case you’re wondering, he’ll hold all of Sammy and my sweaters. Turns out we have a lot between the two of us and were running out of places to put them.

Have a great day!

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