Monday, January 06, 2014

Guess Who’s Turning the Big 4-0?!

IMG_7685(Me in the mid 80’s. Think I was somewhere around 15)

It’s true this year I turn the 40!! Gasp…I feel like mentally I’m 30 but physically like I’m 50 at times. Like when I get out of bed and gravity immediately takes a hold of my body. It never used to do that!  

Now I’m not the party type girl so I don’t want to drink it up or have a big party. That is SOOOOO not my scene.  Heck it wasn’t even my scene when I was 20!! Nope I’m the “let’s eat dinner at Olive Garden” person as lame as that sounds.

But this year is a milestone! I mean I’m turning 40!! And I look like I’m 25 so that’s got to say something right! I kid, I kid!

Since my birthday is Feb. 3 that leaves little time to plan but I’m sure anyone reading has some good ideas that I can do this year. CAN YOU HELP???

Here’s what I like (and can I say that I love that this post is entirely about me and not the sh*t I go through) |
Coffee- that goes without saying
Chocolate/desserts – sugar is not my friend but it will be on my birthday
Good friends that love me!! – not those Facebook ones who only want to see how you’ve aged and how much weight you’ve gained
Quiet or quaint places
Casual or comfortable attire- in other words nowhere I have to wear high heels!
Craft fairs/ antique malls- not that this has anything to do with it but  I love those
Traveling would be nice
Someplace fun around the Dallas/Ft. Area
Pintrest  - again don’t know if that helps but I love it!

What I don’t like
Surprise parties- I guess this is especially for the loud obnoxious ones you see in movies
Drinking- I did this like ONE TIME in my life and barely remember it… what’s the point?
Dancing- never been good at it and never will
This year, not the typical chain restaurant like Chilies, OG, etc.
So that’s what we have to work with, oh and I don’t even need gifts, just fun and love in my life will suit me.


An influx of ideas…PLEASE!!!

Again, this can be a one day event, a whole weekend long, I don’t care but it can’t be super expensive. I mean I can’t just pack my bags to go see a Broadway show in NY even though I’ve done that and it was awesome (many years ago). It has to be sensible, very ME, includes my family and friends, personable and remarkable at the same time. Wow, am I high maintenance or what?? I think that’s it!

AND GO!! Let me know what you come up with, remember only a month away. Leave me a comment or email me directly. I’m all ears!

Thank you again!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

how far from new braunfels are you? you should go there on a little trip with the family!

Twice Nice said...

What about Fredericksburg, TX. I somehow missed that during our 2 years in Killeen, but I deeply regret it now that I see how cute it looks. I always loved strolling the shops in Salado. Maybe you could even find a great B&B to check out.

holli said...

Hmmm, i'll be thinking for the next few days on more ideas. How about a day with the girls and get a hotel room near by and everyone bring supplies to make their favorite Pinterest crafts. I've been to a few Pinterest parties and they are fun! Then later go ride the trolley on Mckinney (free) and have nice dinner in quaint restuarant around there. No chains that i'm aware of on Mckinney ave near downtown Dallas

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I love that picture of you in the 80's. That is so awesome LOL. To be honest, I want to bring the big curly hair back. It's so fun. Ha! I am with you on the chain restaurants, I am not a big fan either.