Friday, January 03, 2014

First 2014 Before and After! My Entry Way Buffet

This was one of the major projects I worked on prior to Christmas Eve. It was going to go in the entry way and it was my GOAL IN LIFE to get it done!  I’m happy to say I finished it on Dec 23!! Whew!

If you don’t recall me talking about it before, I found this buffet one day when I had other plans and wasn’t planning on going to garage sales that day.  Which worked out because I was pretty tight on cash anyway. Well my plans fell through and since I had nothing going on, I went looking around just in case there was something I couldn’t live without. You know you say this to yourself too right!? Good thing I went because I saw this on a corner yard sale not far from my house. It was love at first sight even though it was really a sight for sore eyes!


The main problem it had was this small gap on the top at the back. It looked like a piece probably broke and the whole plank ripped out.  It measured about ¾” wide and you could see straight through to the bottom if you looked down. Other than that the door had fallen off but it was still absolutely perfect! I think I might have seen hearts floating around it as I drove up!

*WORD TO THE WISE: if you see something you can’t live without like this piece was for me, make sure you have the means to fix the problem before purchasing the unit. I didn’t and that posed to be a problem.

I remember telling Brianna to help me load it up and when it was way too heavy for her and her arms wanted to fall out of their sockets, I got mad and made some stranger help me. Don’t worry, I felt bad after I thought about how her scrawny arms stood in the way of me and my prized possession that probably weighed twice her weight so Brianna I’m sorry …again!

I was lucky enough to have an awesome coworker  (with tools) who helped me out of my bind and cut down a piece of wood to my specifications.  KIRK YOU ROCK!!  I don’t have the photos, but I used wood glue and then nailed it into place. Once that was done I used wood filler and sanded like crazy until it was smooth on top.  At one point I was all bundled up and had a scarf around my head because I was sick with a cold but by golly I was going to finish!


I’m still very proud that you can’t see the seam. That means I did a good job!!  As far as the handles go, I wanted to keep the old hardware on it but it turned out Sammy didn’t like the piece even after it was done...his exact words were “it just looks so old, and that hardware doesn’t help”, ahem…e x c u s e   m e!!  I (the loving compromising wife) drove off to Hobby Lobby on Dec. 23(!!!) for some more MODERN knobs that he didn’t even notice. Oh I almost forgot, I moved the knobs closer together on the top drawer so they all lined up.  In the end, I had to point out the new modern knobs and he appreciated the gesture. He still doesn’t like the piece but I guess you win some, you lose some! Am I right?!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot
Paint- Annie Sloan – Pure White
Knobs- Hobby Lobby
Price for Buffet – $20


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

OOOOh it's lovely! i adore it! rita's got her groove back! ;)

Twice Nice said...

Oh that poor baby! Good job rescuing that buffet! I can never resist a buffet. Yours looks spectacular with her new hardware and paint job!! You got your new year off to a great start!

Vickie Mireles said...

Love it!

kathy said...

I notice you used ann slone paint, must be chalk paint, love it been doing some furniture around my house. I haven't tried the wax yet on my stuff is it hard to use?
Thanks Kathy

holli said...

Only 20$!!!! We have GOT to go garage selling so i can see how to nab great deals like you do.
I absolutely love it and especially because its old style.
Great job!

Tami Michel said...

Your hard work definitely paid off, it's beautiful! And what do men know? Sheeeesh! Thank goodness ours are such good sports in spite of their opinions!

Rita said...

@ Kathy - sorry I couldn't respond but your email wasn't attached to the comment. To answer your question, no the wax isn't hard to do at all. I don't have the Annie Sloan kind but I use Min Wax and that works quite well. Just rub on and buff :)

Tasha said...

You did a great job! I especially love the knobs!

Kammy Wielenga said...

It's Gorgeous, Rita! Just like the lady who painted it. :)

monkey said...

first time on your site from curb alert won't be the last love your work and this piece is a gream of mine xx