Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Tubby Tubby

I remember a long time ago in one of my first jobs I ever had, a guy was at my register and took a look at my smock, yes I wore a smock, and saw that I was wearing a button of Ashley as a baby on Santa’s lap. The guy said, hmmm, I guess if I had a picture of my dog with Santa, I’d make a button of it and wear it as well. I was a bit taken back and thought, since when do dogs compare to children (humph…the nerve!). Granted I never had pets and in fact was allergic to anything with fur, hair, or feathers!!

So yeah…I didn’t get it.

Fast forward to years later when Sam and I split up. Santa gave the girls a dog for Christmas. His name was Rascal. To say Rascal changed our lives is an understatement. He was my companion when I had none, he was my friend when I needed one and he forever changed the way I looked at beloved pets. I learned quickly that year that “Santa” didn’t just bring him for the girls, but for me as well.

We lost Rascal a few years ago. This happened when the weather was really bad and the wind tore part of our fence down in the back yard. We let the dogs out without knowing about the fence, and when I let Rascal and Reese out to go potty, only Reese returned. Rascal being the “rascal” that he was, darted out of the back yard and onto a main street a few blocks away. That was the hardest time I had ever gone through and probably the most sleepless nights as he always slept by my legs. I think I was his security blanket.

Since Rascal, you can see that we have a house full of pets. Some rescued, some purchased and some just found their way into our hearts. Like, Tubby who belonged to Sammy’s mom and step dad. We took him in when we found out he was alone at their old house for several months. They’d drive over to feed him when they could and care for him. When we got him however, he was in very bad shape. He had heartworms, had never been to the vet nor groomer, he was underweight and had part of an ear missing. We knew at the time we couldn’t afford to care for him but it didn’t stop us from taking him in. I remember being afraid he would try to eat Reese but she quickly put him in his place and let him know she was Queen of the house, and our Big Chow on the other hand, was the “Eyor” of the family. He was a big dog with a big heart and loved every other animal we took in.

We had lots of work with Tubby but it all worked out. He was so much better and happy in his new home. I was actually starting this blog post yesterday because of what we’ve been through with him, but as of last night, Tubby passed away. We don’t know the root of the problem only that he was not able to use his back legs and he was struggling to eat or drink anything. We went to several vets and nothing was ever pinpointed except that he had an enlarged prostate which we were in the process of getting him neutered. It was painful to see him suffering and talk of putting him down had come up on several occasions in the last few weeks but we didn’t expect him to pass this fast. His heart simply could not hold on to whatever was causing him pain.

As for me, I’m struggling with a range of emotions. I’m sad that his life was cut short for reasons we won’t really ever know. I hate that he was ever like this to begin with and left alone at all. I wish we could have saved him sooner and my heart is just sad for that precious lovable fur ball of a boy!

I know I never get controversial on this blog and never really intend to, but the last thing I have to get off my chest is something I’d love to see happen one day. Pets are precious, precious animals. They are not here to merely protect us and guard the house. They protect their protectors, so protect them. They feel pain, and get sad and their feelings get hurt … SO LOVE THEM. They really are part of your family and sometimes even nicer than most family members, which is sad but true. I do believe everyone would be better off having a pet, but I also believe there are people who are not meant to have animals regardless of how kind hearted they are and I say this because of my personal experience.

I will leave you with a slide show of our precious Tubby and his life with us from when we first got him as a big matted mess, to him being bald, to a happy fur ball and full of life. Tubs we love you and will miss you. Thank you for coming to our lives!

Love always, your Mama!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Interview

If I haven’t told you I have the sweetest sister-in-law in the world, let me tell you now. She is very special to me and this week on her blog she is interviewing inspirational woman which I was honored to be apart of.

So if you want to know a little more about me, go visit Vickie’s blog. You may just get a little more than you bargained for. You should also read about the other awesome women she writes about. Their stories are very inspirational and you’ll see why Vickie draws such inspiring women to her…she’s wonderful!

So go by and show some love!









Monday, August 19, 2013

A Hint of Yellow

Sometimes you just need a small change in order to make a big difference to a room.

I know this small table is tiny in comparison to lots of my bigger before and after’s and I actually contemplated even posting it today but then I thought why the heck not??!! I mean, sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference and this table could possibly be included in that statement. So if I inspire you to do anything this weekend, it’s to find a small piece of furniture that doesn’t make a big statement in a room in your house, paint it some off the wall bright color and make a new impact on the whole room. Then shoot me a picture… and if you’re like me and wait a few weeks to do it, that’s totally fine!! Send it to me at any time!!

Here’s the small table I found at a yard sale for two bucks the other day. Again, nothing special.


And here it is after, painted a pale yellow:


Remember…once I went to my back yard and painted a stick to put on Ashley’s wall to hold her jewelry…again…it’s the small things… You can see more of her room here and here.


Before I go, let me show you more ways yellow has been incorporated into a room to give it just a subtle yet powerful change (Images via Pintrest):


On that note, go out and make your own sunshine today!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

I’m Going Crazy with Cats!

Yes today’s post is all about Cats! But a brief history first.

We’ve never really been cat people, in fact I’m allergic to these furry friends but one day Kunu happened into our lives.


We actually didn’t know any better and thought he was a girl so we called him Stella. Anyway he came to the house one day and NEVER NEVER left.  Sammy fell in love with him so he’d sneak him into the house. I on the other hand…put him out every time! I can remember Tubby looking out of the window and Kunu looking right back and Tubby cried…pathetic!! So Kunu went to the vet, we found out he was a boy and he’s been a part of the family ever since.

Fast forward to a few years later when I was at a yard sale and found this little girl.


We named her Chrysanthemum and she is a big time pain in the butt but we love her so we have to keep her forever. She’s like crazy times ten thousand!!  Not to mention she’s a big furry hair ball and loves to kill and eat bugs(gross).

NOTE: We are done with cats and I’ve put my foot down from adopting any more pets but that doesn’t stop my Sammy from feeding the “outdoor” cats.

Today we went to the store and came home to three cats on the lawn.  They are not technically ours but they are ALWAYS around and they know Sammy and the girls will feed them. Let me introduce you to the extended family.




And who else but good ol’ Kunu inviting his friends over!


And the mastermind behind all our guests:


Hope you have a Purrrrfect day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Black Beauty

This weekend was a nice one considering the tax free weekend, but Sammy and I got a date night in and I got a couple of things painted! Not to mention some much needed errands were checked off the list like a trip to the optometrist.  By the way, don’t use Visine daily, I think the doc may have pooped his pants as he darted across the counter to give me better eye drops for my eyes!! EEK!

We also buried one of Brianna’s pet rats – Nick this weekend. He was one of our newest members and although I didn’t spend much time with him, I have to say I was a bit teary eyed when he passed. I know Brianna will really miss him.

As far as the rest of the weekend, I worked, watched Pacific Rim with Sam and have to say it was pretty good considering it is a total guy flick. I mean, TOTAL guy flick! Robots and Aliens…yeah not my cup of tea!

This is the piece I worked on in the over 100 degree temperature. Yes I’m crazy!


I decided to paint it black and I’ll give my feedback on that in a bit, but first here it is after:


And here’s a better one of the stupid handle!


I still plan on putting a wax coating over this but for now here it is ALMOST done!

So you all know I’m all about “use what you have”. Don’t spend money if you don’t have to. Well, case in point, I used some black paint I had on hand which is the readymade Rust-oleum Black paint from Home Depot.

Typically I use this small can I have to tint colors or use as an accent color, but really never to paint an entire piece of furniture.  I really don’t know why I don’t use it more often, guess because it’s not gray, haha! Well,  I don’t know if it had to do with the weather, but it really came out quite thick and after two coats (my usual) you could see my brush strokes and it looked bad.  I mean, kind of like when you see furniture with a bad paint job and you want to strip it and start over. …yeah well this was my end result…NOT GOOD!  The shine from the semi-gloss didn’t help either.

I didn’t get a picture of what it looked like after I was done painting it, mostly because I was determined not to have it look like that for long. Instead,  I took a sanding block and went to town sanding the entire piece.  This gave it a dull black look that was much better than the shiny mess it was before.

I’ve seen a lot of milk paint pieces in black that look beautiful. It seems to go on so smoothly without these dreaded lines and super thick paint. I can’t wait to try for myself and give you a review! But first Sammy needs to buy me the paint. Of course he doesn’t know that he’ll buy me some yet but I’ll be sending him subliminal messages tonight as he sleeps (trust that).

THEN there were issues with the hardware…oh the hardware!!  I contemplated filling the holes and inserting knobs instead but it was so darn hot I decided to paint the original pulls and be done with it.  They were brass and ugly so I thought silver on black would be prettier. So what do I do? I spray paint them silver and ended up with plastic looking hardware.  They didn’t look that bad until they were on the drawers and then the black really set off the plastic look they were not supposed to be going for. I told Sammy and Ashley to see what they thought and while Ashley liked it, Sammy said the hardware looked weird. That was the first thing he noticed. CRAP!

The only thing I could think to do was rough them up with the sanding block a little so some of the brass peaked out and hope like heck it looked ok.  I get asked all the time how I learned how to paint furniture… TOTALLY TRIAL AND ERROR!

Hope you have a good week! Rita

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More Cozy Blankets!!

I told you I scored some awesome vintage blankets the other day so I wanted to show you before I post them to my Etsy shop.  Now don’t flood my email box trying to buy them all at once or anything like that(haha)…it’s just for your daily blogging reading enjoyment.

IMG_2608   IMG_2610
IMG_2612   IMG_2614
IMG_2622    IMG_2627
IMG_2618-001    IMG_2620

So, although it’s safe to say I could adorn my house with these beautiful throws, there are a couple of problems with that theory:
A. I don’t have enough sofa’s
B. they freak Sammy out.
I know…I know…keep the husband, lose the throws…keep the throws, lose the husband…. uggghhhh  I have to say I love the husband more on this one guys!

I hope you have a great Thursday and THANK GOODNESS it’s almost Friday…it’s been a tough week!
Rita Smile

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

50 Shades Of Grey

I told you before that I LOOOOVVEEE painting my furniture grey, however I didn’t realize how much until I started looking at my before and after photos. It was then, that I decided, I had a problem.

So today, let’s take a ride down memory lane and see just how many shades of grey I’ve used over the past few years…ready….

Gray Chest_bef1Gray Chest1IMG_2568IMG_2641BurntStool_Bef2BurntStool1

And before mine or your computer crashes, let me just say…I WILL start using color and give my grey habit a break.