Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hudson’s Table and Other Tid Bits


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Hudson finally got his table this past weekend and though he doesn’t look extremely happy at that particular moment(because we woke him up from his nap),he did love the table and I was happy! I can’t tell you how precious this boy is, even his little growl to put his grandma and grandpa in their place, was so stinking adorable!

His cousins, Lucy and Jude (pause) I HAVE TO POINT OUT  how flipping adorable this little girl is!! Oh my gosh she steals my heart every time I see her pictures. She’s a little toot! So cousin approved…CHECK!!

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I was happy to see that these three kiddos appreciated what I had made, even if it was for an afternoon. They didn’t even care that it was a little smeared from where I tried to seal it ($%@#@!!) . I told my friend Debbie (Hudson’s Mom), it won’t last and if you end up tossing it after a couple of weeks, that’s totally fine. Just to know that he loved if for a minute is enough for me. I love the fact that this child may one day look back and say “remember that table I got…” I have no idea that, that will ever happen, but the possibility of leaving my mark on his memory is such a great feeling to have!!

I have a favorite quote that I LOVE and even have hanging at my cubicle at work. It just speaks to me and so I’ll share it with you:


I just appreciate this quote so much and I know Debbie will always remember this (not so perfect) gesture. She’s so great, what can I say. 

Which leads to my next tid bit and somewhat of a rant, but not so much…just read haha

Ok, do you ever go into someone’s home and see how their family interacts with each other and you think, “they just get it’. Well that’s what I love about Debbie’s family. They all live like ALL OVER THE WORLD, I’m talking Guam, Washington, Alabama, New York, and they all come home to Fort Worth, Texas, not just for holidays, but to actually see each other for long periods of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but the closeness I witness with this family is amazing.  I’ve met some phenomenal women from the Hodges Family and their stories are just so awe inspiring I can’t begin to tell you.  On this last trip to see Debbie when she was home for the holiday’s, I learned of a tragedy in her family’s life and when I read all about it on her sister’s blog, I was definitely moved to tears. The thing that most stood out to me though, was to see how their love for God kept them sane for lack of a better term and gave them the ability to live their fullest life even after such a horrible accident.  I am truly touched by these wonderful ladies. It’s amazing and kind of exhausting at the same time. I say exhausting because me, living my life as I do today, I barely feel like I have time for myself and on top of that I suffer from depression which is still very present today. But to see how effortless their love and camaraderie is for one another makes me look at my life a lot differently. They actually do what the bible says and put God first and everything else second and it shows in their relationship with each other. Being surrounded by them was comfortable, easy, and grounding. I don’t think you can help but to have a different perspective when you leave their home. I loved it!

I just had to share because I was so over come by emotion this past weekend. Of course it could also be the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on the last couple months (thanks new medication!). But I truly believe we all have a “Hodges” family that we can learn from. You guys inspired me and touched me, so thank you for that!

And heck…look at those kids..A-freakin-dorable!!! I told her I’d be happy just being Lucy’s friend, haha!

I apologize for what turned out to be my rant but as a girl, I think I’m entitled and for what it’s worth, I hope you have or find a Hodges family to inspire you!

Love to you all,

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those kids and the table are adorable! and rant on- it is all about love! :)