Monday, December 09, 2013

House Renovation Mini Update

My goal was to have my house redone by Christmas and here we are a few weeks away so I thought I’d share my update.

I started with this:

House Renovation, part 1 :Living Room

This section will include:

· Painting
· Sand/ restain floor
· Bookshelves
· Area rug
· Rearrange furniture
· Possible new furniture (this is undecided)
· NEW ENTRY WAY!! See previous post

The other areas that we wanted to get done by Christmas were to recarpet the girls rooms and if possible get to my room.We’re still on target with carpeting the kids rooms however my room, unfortunately, will remain ugly until we fix the shower which leaks onto the floor in my room. Don’t worry, I won’t scare you with a picture of it. Nor the ugly concrete that I have to walk on daily.

On the plus side we have made slight progress. I won’t have pictures until everything is done but I’ll let you know where we’re at with each:

1. Painting (check) – we’ve painted both the living room and Brianna’s room. Painting is complete.
2. Sand/restain floor-  NOT DONE- we decided to hold off until next year because we ran out of time and can’t find the color we wanted, so rather than cramming it in just to get a color we don’t want, we figure the new area rug will cover all the ‘not so great’ looking patches of floor. Staining is on hold.
3. Bookshelves – We have gone back and forth with building built-ins, buying them pre-done, you name it. Think we finally decided on an Ikea Hack wall. Basically you buy Ikea shelves, add molding and voilà, they look like a built in. I’m hoping this will get done in the next week or so!  Bookshelf is undecided at this point (broken heart). I say this because my anal retentive husband isn’t quite sure if he wants the holes on the Ikea shelves to show.  (ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHO CARES…GIVE ME MY BOOKSHELF!)
4. Area Rug(check)- This is purchased and on it’s way!! woo hoo- thank you Black Friday!!
5. Rearrange Furniture- Will be done as soon as we get all components of this room. And this WILL BE DONE by Christmas!
6. New Furniture – (check) We bought a new sofa (again, on Black Friday). We just need to pick it up. New Furniture is complete! Oh and I bought some pillow covers from Etsy for the yucky pillows that come with said sofa.
7. New Entry way-(check) I got my new buffet, just needs painting, have two new lamps on the way and a mirror that I need to paint and hang. Can’t wait for this to be complete and get pictures! yay!!

Also, one thing that wasn’t on my list is our fireplace. We have one in our home but it has never been used. I have a chimney sweep coming out this week to clean it out so we can use it on Christmas. Crossing fingers!

So that’s my update! I’ll keep you posted!

I’m looking for someone to donate a stove to my daughters Sorority which currently catches fire,  so if anyone has any ideas on how I can go about doing that, I’d appreciate it!!


Chardawneh said...

Try Freecycle, Kijiji, or Craigs list, if there are no listings put one in yourself.

momtofatdogs said...

I will be watching your re-do with baited anticipation! Can't wait to see your Ikea Hack - been contemplating doing something like that in one of our bedrooms. So I am curious to see what you come up with! a fireplace in Texas huh? We had one in our last home - I hated all the mess I had to clean up - and we won't talk about how many times I set the woods on fire after we cleaned ashes.......On the stove hunt. Have you contacted any local repair shops? Sometimes they'll have some reconditioned (free would be good & they might do that!) or have good ones that they need to get rid of when people get new appliances.....?


holli said...

Cant wait to see pictures of your new furniture. I love the idea of adding to an ikea shelf.

Twice Nice said...

You go girl!!!