Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Story of Voo Doo Blue

We’re taking a break from “House Reno” due to the holidays but I thought I’d share my story of Voo Doo Blue.

What is Voo Doo Blue?? Well it’s a hair color my 16 year old picked out right before school started. How on earth does this pertain to ANYTHING dealing with holidays??  I promise it does, you just have to stick around until the end.

Here it goes:

Before school started, Brianna and I made a deal and she got to dye her hair blue. This was short lived by a new rule in school, but none the less, it was blue for a little while. She had her heart set on a deep blue so I took her to Sally’s (a local professional hair accessory store near the house). Upon arriving to Sally’s we get out of the car and Brianna says to me, “Mom, unlock the door”.  I’m not in any hurry at this point and fumble through my purse.  She says again in a monotone voice  “Mom, I need you to hurry up and open the door”. I say ok and continue to fumble around.  After seeing I was getting nowhere fast,  she says “mom… I need you to hurry up because my thumb is caught in the door”. (HOLY CRAP!) I dig around faster and finally get the key out and unlock the door.

I can remember the “mom” in me come full force and I begin to assist her, not really assisting her but more yelling at her asking if she is ok and why the hell is she so calm, I grab her hand make sure her thumb is still there and she has it in her hand  and calmly looks at me and said it was hurt but she’s ok.

We go inside and look for the color she wants called “Voo Doo Blue”.  I notice my child, who is darker complected such as myself, turning a shade whiter…. and whiter…and whiter. She said (again in a very monotone and scarily calm voice) “ I think I’m going to be sick.  I’ll go ask for a bathroom”.  Again, being the ‘MOTHER’ in the situation who HAS to help her baby girl, I bombard her with question after question. I think it went something like “ OH MY GOD BRIANNA ARE YOU GONNA PASS OUT, IS YOUR FINGER BROKEN, DO YOU NEED TO GO THE HOSPITAL, ARE YOU GONNA THROW UP, DO I NEED TO CALL DAD, ARE YOU OK, ARE YOU BLEEDING, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO???!!!!!” .  She’s obviously in a state of shock because she is the calmest I’ve ever seen her. She simply looked at me and says “Mom, calm down, I’ll ask for a bathroom”.  I freeze and am unable to move. All thoughts of crazy are circulating around me. She goes to the counter and asks for the bathroom and they don’t have one.

She comes back to me again, pale as a ghost and now starting to sweat.

She says  “Mom, I need you to calm down and unlock the car so I can go lie down. Just get Voo Doo Blue. Ok,  Voo Doo Blue?”. I nod and ask her my questions again “OH MY GOD BRIANNA  DO I NEED TO CALL AN AMBULANCE, DO I NEED TO DRIVE YOU TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM, ARE YOU BLEEDING….” . She very patiently interrupts with “Mom, just buy my Voo Doo Blue” and turns and half stumbles to the car, gets inside and I can see her head descending backward as she pushes the seat back to lie down.

At this point, all reason has gone out the window. I can hardly move. I believe my blood pressure has gone up to double what it was. I am panicked and can only think to grab someone working there and yell at her to help me find VOO DOO BLUE. I  then buy it and go.

Sigh……. In the end she was ok, her color came back and she was back to her old self, not that she really ever left. I on the other hand was about to be sick, could hardly drive home and was a nervous wreck.

I’m telling you this story, not because I want comments of how much of a horrible mom I was in this situation but because during this holiday season when you are cooped up with relatives that don’t see eye to eye, the kids are driving you crazy and you want to shoot your own or someone else’s eye out…think back to that calm 16 year old with a half broken finger who in the midst of it all maintained her focus on what she wanted and tell yourself…Voo Doo Blue Mom…Voo Doo Blue.
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I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving


Twice Nice said...

Holy Cow! Now I'm a wreck! I think VooDoo Blue beats the alcoholic top shelf chocolates I have in the pantry. I may just be chanting 'vow foo blue'!

momtofatdogs said...

Oh Rita! Did you bake any cookies? Bless her! I loved this story..