Monday, November 18, 2013

Lessons Learned in the Painting World

Hi guys!
I know your eagerly awaiting the reveal of my living room color…right?!!
Well when it’s all done and painted, I’ll show you.  Again, when it’s all  DONE, “Done” being the key word here, I’ll show you.  In case you’re wondering why it’s not done, that’s because I not only once, but TWICE didn’t buy enough paint.

*lesson 1- Buy enough paint for the whole room!

I thought that since my living room technically has three walls (there’s a big open area on one of the longest sides) a gallon would cover it. NOPE! This left one wall exposed:
photo (10)
So this Saturday I was off to Home Depot to buy more paint. I figured only one wall left so a quart aught to cover it, right??
photo (11)
Take a mental picture ladies!! This is exactly what one quart covers.

We eventually got the whole thing covered but the room isn’t quite picture ready since it wasn’t done drying until last night. I’ll try to post those tomorrow

During that time of finally finishing up the wall, Brianna had a Paint party and painted her room teal
pictures to come soon!

And last but not least, LESSON’S LEARNED- PART 2- My Dining Room Table

Yes, being the painter I am, I totally goofed on my dining room table. I know you’ve probably seen it on old photos but this massive wood table that has been with us for years,  has faded and was scratched beyond repair.

A couple of months ago I decided to refinish it but…didn’t seal it properly…Yeah lazy set in…I admit it.
What did it leave me with?

STUPID CAT SCRATCH MARKS!!! I would show you the whole table but I can’t find the photo I took so I snapped a few shots of the parts I hadn’t stripped yet. (sorry).

All in all, I had a lesson’s learned pitty party this weekend and had lots of “fixing” to do. My table still needs a second coat of polyurethane (which I would have done if the cat hadn’t scared me and I spilled it all over the floor)…lesson 3…no I’m just kidding. It just seemed to be that kind of weekend. The good thing is we are in better shape today and I can’t wait to show you my new wall and table. So you’ll have to come back and check them both out!

Have a great day!


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holli said...

Paint makes such a huge difference to a room.