Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A VERY Impressive Story About Ike!

TRUE STORY- ya’ll this actually happened!!

(I hope I grabbed your attention with this first line because this really isn’t that fascinating of a story, but I believe the power of words changes everything!)

SO it happened one dark and gloomy day…I was working at Lula B’s, ya know, working my shift never knowing what I was about to discover. Never realizing that on that day, only a few moments away, something would forever change my life!! It wasn’t until  a girl asked to pick up a dresser from lay-a-way, that I would discover something I never knew was lacking form my life!

I  headed down the narrow passage ways, passing booth, by booth heading toward that lay-a-way section, nothing getting in my way.  It was there, after I moved the dresser…. I saw it!!!! (queue scary moving sound of astonishment)  It was…a broken bookshelf!! (DUN DUN DUN) Not only a broken bookshelf, but a beautiful, dark, cracked, bookshelf with beautiful, lovely bones and amazing details…just sitting there alone and scared! As I neglected my customer for about a half a second and gasped at the pure beauty of it, I knew in my heart of hearts…this bookshelf would be mine!

I swiftly took the customer to the front and wheeled her dresser behind her, all the while, hoping she would get out of my way so I could return to further inspect my new prized possession.

Oh be still my heart, he was gorgeous and the only real damage was the back was split down the middle. OH but he was solid, and massive and  his heart…his heart was made of pure gold. Then the questions started arising in my head. Who did he belong too? Why was he here?? Who do I need to talk to  about him so that I can take him home and treat him to a better life??? GASP!! (queue musical climatical moment) So many questions stormed in my head, I started to break a sweat, I started losing control, I started to be plagued by all the ‘what if’s’…I could bare it no longer. I HAD TO FIND HIS OWNER! 

I asked the store owner Mary Anne about him and she replied “that ol’ rickety old thing?? You can have it!!”.  For a brief moment I lost balance and the room started to spin, did she just call him an IT? Did she just give him to me???  Do I really have my arm to my forehead about to pass out?? (that part didn’t happen but it sounds good!) Doesn’t she understand that he has a soul?

In the end, he came to live with me. I will show him the love he never knew and the respect he so undoubtedly deserves, and I will name him “Ike” and he will forever be mine.

Without further ado: Meet Ike.

photo 2 (6)photo 1 (6)photo 1 (7)photo 2 (7)photo 3 (5)photo 3 (6)

Can’t wait to get started on this big guy!!

See you later,


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ooh wow! can't wait for the save!

holli said...

That was the most awesome story!!! I love Ike and cant wait to see him all cleaned up.

Twice Nice said...

This was just like one of those melodrama's we like to drag the kids to once in a while! lol Good save, go have fun with him!

MelO said...

he, he! I know 'exactly' how you feel! Have had that moment many a time, with shed full of stuff that needed rescuing to prove it! :)

momtofatdogs said...

You should write comedy skits Rita! Love that bookshelf. Free? Even better! It's got tons of potential.