Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Story of Voo Doo Blue

We’re taking a break from “House Reno” due to the holidays but I thought I’d share my story of Voo Doo Blue.

What is Voo Doo Blue?? Well it’s a hair color my 16 year old picked out right before school started. How on earth does this pertain to ANYTHING dealing with holidays??  I promise it does, you just have to stick around until the end.

Here it goes:

Before school started, Brianna and I made a deal and she got to dye her hair blue. This was short lived by a new rule in school, but none the less, it was blue for a little while. She had her heart set on a deep blue so I took her to Sally’s (a local professional hair accessory store near the house). Upon arriving to Sally’s we get out of the car and Brianna says to me, “Mom, unlock the door”.  I’m not in any hurry at this point and fumble through my purse.  She says again in a monotone voice  “Mom, I need you to hurry up and open the door”. I say ok and continue to fumble around.  After seeing I was getting nowhere fast,  she says “mom… I need you to hurry up because my thumb is caught in the door”. (HOLY CRAP!) I dig around faster and finally get the key out and unlock the door.

I can remember the “mom” in me come full force and I begin to assist her, not really assisting her but more yelling at her asking if she is ok and why the hell is she so calm, I grab her hand make sure her thumb is still there and she has it in her hand  and calmly looks at me and said it was hurt but she’s ok.

We go inside and look for the color she wants called “Voo Doo Blue”.  I notice my child, who is darker complected such as myself, turning a shade whiter…. and whiter…and whiter. She said (again in a very monotone and scarily calm voice) “ I think I’m going to be sick.  I’ll go ask for a bathroom”.  Again, being the ‘MOTHER’ in the situation who HAS to help her baby girl, I bombard her with question after question. I think it went something like “ OH MY GOD BRIANNA ARE YOU GONNA PASS OUT, IS YOUR FINGER BROKEN, DO YOU NEED TO GO THE HOSPITAL, ARE YOU GONNA THROW UP, DO I NEED TO CALL DAD, ARE YOU OK, ARE YOU BLEEDING, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO???!!!!!” .  She’s obviously in a state of shock because she is the calmest I’ve ever seen her. She simply looked at me and says “Mom, calm down, I’ll ask for a bathroom”.  I freeze and am unable to move. All thoughts of crazy are circulating around me. She goes to the counter and asks for the bathroom and they don’t have one.

She comes back to me again, pale as a ghost and now starting to sweat.

She says  “Mom, I need you to calm down and unlock the car so I can go lie down. Just get Voo Doo Blue. Ok,  Voo Doo Blue?”. I nod and ask her my questions again “OH MY GOD BRIANNA  DO I NEED TO CALL AN AMBULANCE, DO I NEED TO DRIVE YOU TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM, ARE YOU BLEEDING….” . She very patiently interrupts with “Mom, just buy my Voo Doo Blue” and turns and half stumbles to the car, gets inside and I can see her head descending backward as she pushes the seat back to lie down.

At this point, all reason has gone out the window. I can hardly move. I believe my blood pressure has gone up to double what it was. I am panicked and can only think to grab someone working there and yell at her to help me find VOO DOO BLUE. I  then buy it and go.

Sigh……. In the end she was ok, her color came back and she was back to her old self, not that she really ever left. I on the other hand was about to be sick, could hardly drive home and was a nervous wreck.

I’m telling you this story, not because I want comments of how much of a horrible mom I was in this situation but because during this holiday season when you are cooped up with relatives that don’t see eye to eye, the kids are driving you crazy and you want to shoot your own or someone else’s eye out…think back to that calm 16 year old with a half broken finger who in the midst of it all maintained her focus on what she wanted and tell yourself…Voo Doo Blue Mom…Voo Doo Blue.
photo (13)

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Banner

I heard about the DARE TO DIY contest going on over at a few blogs, including one of my favorites, Primitive and Proper so HOW could I pass it up??

If you know me, you know I am all over this!! This week is about “Giving Thanks”. I will say it is hard to come up with something Thanksgiving Themed simply because, ‘what’s NOT been done’. But it doesn’t really have to stop at doing the same ‘ol thing. There are so many possibilities when you add your own special twist! That’s what led me to this:  I thought about what I could make. Anything besides cooking which I’m simply horrible at or drawing a turkey for that matter! To me, Thanksgiving is my time to reflect on what I’m thankful  to have been a part of this year. So when asked the question, my first thought was immediately my family. I will always be thankful for my family first, but the second was Tubby and having him pass this year. Anyone who doesn’t know, Tubby was our Chow we lost a few months ago. He left a pretty big hole in our hearts that we are still trying to fill. That’s when this idea of a Thanksgiving Picture Banner came into play. I’m sure they are all over the place and it’s been done umpteen times, so I added a small little twist.

My Thanksgiving Banner didn’t cost a penny to  make as I used what I had (again, another ME thing!). I wanted a banner that all of my guests could participate in by bringing a photo or symbol of something that they were thankful for this year.

Here’s how I did it: I started with my supplies ( and I forgot to add my glue gun but you’ll need that).


You’ll need cardstock however I had some old cards that have been in my closet forever so I just used those. I’m sure EVERYONE has old Christmas cards they can use as well. Cut those in half and you’ll use the white side to decoupage your paper to.


My little twist was to use  old cookbook pages. I found one at  an estate sale for a quarter this past summer. I found some cute old recipes that I cut out to use as my background  (just have to add that I found a recipe for a Chocolate Malt and about died! Whomever this belonged to… AMEN SISTER!)


I cut some old recipe pages down to a little bigger than my cardstock. I then used my mod podge to cover the cardstock. The tip when decoupaging is to not apply the paper right way. I blow on it first for like 3 seconds then apply. You don’t want it to wet or the paper will bubble but not to dry either or it won’t stick. (Rules…rules!!)


When you’re done, flip it over and trim the access. Then reapply a coat of mod podge and allow to dry.


Once it’s dry go ahead and cut the bottom to look like a banner and also hole punch the edges.  I never measure anything so if your OCD kicks in you may want a ruler at this point. I say that lovingly as I have a daughter who measures EVERYTHING! Drives me nuts!


I had some old tiny clothespins that I got from who knows when, that would work for this project. Again, paper clips work just as well and you won’t need the hot glue gun.  I tried to put glue directly on the tiny, itty bitty clothes pin and decided I didn’t want a hot glue gun burn so I opted to place a bead of glue down the center top of the card, and pressed the clothes pin on firmly. MUCH EASIER!


Lastly, I inserted the twine and hung my banner.

I went ahead and started with a picture of Tubby and Ashley added a picture of her Washington Trip.
Again, it can be symbols, pictures, or anything.

Hope you enjoyed,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Living Room Painting is DONE!!!! Check!

I told you yesterday about my poor planning when it came to painting the living room and had pictures to boot, but as of last night, the painting is Complete and we are ready for phase 2.

We will be sanding and restaining  the living room floor next, which I CAN NOT wait to get done! For that reason, we are not moving furniture around so my pictures are of the wall color minus any wall decor.


Now for my table, I had this great idea when I first started that project, that I could stain it and not wipe it down as I ought to have and then I sealed it with a wax sealant therefore causing a big thick yucky layer for the cats to sink their talons into. Of course, that wasn’t my idea but it quickly became the reality and my poor table started to look like crap once again. BUT THIS TIME…I did it right! I stained then wiped with a clean rag and the table got two coats of polyurethane! The base was also painted which I LOVE even if some of you might not. I wanted it to look extremely warn and opted to use different colors that you could actually see and that weren’t blended together.  Kind of like a bad paint job that was several years old. I think it’s amazing.

Here’s what it looks like now:


I’m in love with it now and my little heart is content! …Now for those chairs….

See you later guys,

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lessons Learned in the Painting World

Hi guys!
I know your eagerly awaiting the reveal of my living room color…right?!!
Well when it’s all done and painted, I’ll show you.  Again, when it’s all  DONE, “Done” being the key word here, I’ll show you.  In case you’re wondering why it’s not done, that’s because I not only once, but TWICE didn’t buy enough paint.

*lesson 1- Buy enough paint for the whole room!

I thought that since my living room technically has three walls (there’s a big open area on one of the longest sides) a gallon would cover it. NOPE! This left one wall exposed:
photo (10)
So this Saturday I was off to Home Depot to buy more paint. I figured only one wall left so a quart aught to cover it, right??
photo (11)
Take a mental picture ladies!! This is exactly what one quart covers.

We eventually got the whole thing covered but the room isn’t quite picture ready since it wasn’t done drying until last night. I’ll try to post those tomorrow

During that time of finally finishing up the wall, Brianna had a Paint party and painted her room teal
pictures to come soon!

And last but not least, LESSON’S LEARNED- PART 2- My Dining Room Table

Yes, being the painter I am, I totally goofed on my dining room table. I know you’ve probably seen it on old photos but this massive wood table that has been with us for years,  has faded and was scratched beyond repair.

A couple of months ago I decided to refinish it but…didn’t seal it properly…Yeah lazy set in…I admit it.
What did it leave me with?

STUPID CAT SCRATCH MARKS!!! I would show you the whole table but I can’t find the photo I took so I snapped a few shots of the parts I hadn’t stripped yet. (sorry).

All in all, I had a lesson’s learned pitty party this weekend and had lots of “fixing” to do. My table still needs a second coat of polyurethane (which I would have done if the cat hadn’t scared me and I spilled it all over the floor)…lesson 3…no I’m just kidding. It just seemed to be that kind of weekend. The good thing is we are in better shape today and I can’t wait to show you my new wall and table. So you’ll have to come back and check them both out!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A VERY Impressive Story About Ike!

TRUE STORY- ya’ll this actually happened!!

(I hope I grabbed your attention with this first line because this really isn’t that fascinating of a story, but I believe the power of words changes everything!)

SO it happened one dark and gloomy day…I was working at Lula B’s, ya know, working my shift never knowing what I was about to discover. Never realizing that on that day, only a few moments away, something would forever change my life!! It wasn’t until  a girl asked to pick up a dresser from lay-a-way, that I would discover something I never knew was lacking form my life!

I  headed down the narrow passage ways, passing booth, by booth heading toward that lay-a-way section, nothing getting in my way.  It was there, after I moved the dresser…. I saw it!!!! (queue scary moving sound of astonishment)  It was…a broken bookshelf!! (DUN DUN DUN) Not only a broken bookshelf, but a beautiful, dark, cracked, bookshelf with beautiful, lovely bones and amazing details…just sitting there alone and scared! As I neglected my customer for about a half a second and gasped at the pure beauty of it, I knew in my heart of hearts…this bookshelf would be mine!

I swiftly took the customer to the front and wheeled her dresser behind her, all the while, hoping she would get out of my way so I could return to further inspect my new prized possession.

Oh be still my heart, he was gorgeous and the only real damage was the back was split down the middle. OH but he was solid, and massive and  his heart…his heart was made of pure gold. Then the questions started arising in my head. Who did he belong too? Why was he here?? Who do I need to talk to  about him so that I can take him home and treat him to a better life??? GASP!! (queue musical climatical moment) So many questions stormed in my head, I started to break a sweat, I started losing control, I started to be plagued by all the ‘what if’s’…I could bare it no longer. I HAD TO FIND HIS OWNER! 

I asked the store owner Mary Anne about him and she replied “that ol’ rickety old thing?? You can have it!!”.  For a brief moment I lost balance and the room started to spin, did she just call him an IT? Did she just give him to me???  Do I really have my arm to my forehead about to pass out?? (that part didn’t happen but it sounds good!) Doesn’t she understand that he has a soul?

In the end, he came to live with me. I will show him the love he never knew and the respect he so undoubtedly deserves, and I will name him “Ike” and he will forever be mine.

Without further ado: Meet Ike.

photo 2 (6)photo 1 (6)photo 1 (7)photo 2 (7)photo 3 (5)photo 3 (6)

Can’t wait to get started on this big guy!!

See you later,

Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Transformation: Living Room and a Shanty Meet up

Well my weekend started with a trip to Home Goods to meet Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic. I’ve been following them for a few years and am always in AWE at what they build. Their house seriously looks like Pottery Barn exploded all over but the thing is ..they build everything themselves.  WOW!!   Brianna and I took a trip down tot Southlake to visit them in person and even received gift cards for being one of the first 50 people! Woo Hoo!

photo 1 (5)

Have to say standing there next to them, I didn’t feel as frumpy as I thought. Those girls are SO inspirational and I may have told them like 20 times!

I’ve also told you about a few changes in my life like the closing of my booth, which I’ve mentioned like all the time and all over the place. Dare I say, not only so that you can support me as friends always do, but so that you are prompted (if you’re in the area) to buy some stuff and I won’t have to lug it all home on Nov. 30!!

I’m excited to see what changes are on the horizon but one things for certain, there will be much needed time spent around my house,  If you have a booth and are reading this, you will totally understand that!  I spend lots of time there and one major thing that was neglected this past year was my house, so I’m changing that!

ENTER:  House Renovation, part 1 :Living Room

This section will include:

· Painting
· Sand/ restain floor
· Bookshelves
· Area rug
· Rearrange furniture
· Possible new furniture (this is undecided)
· NEW ENTRY WAY!! See previous post

So far this weekend after church (Which I LOVE by the way) my sister came over and helped me paint the living room.  I forgot to take a before picture but I snapped a few shots after we started moving the furniture to the center of the room.

photo 1 (3)photo 1 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 3 (3)

Don’t mind the “AWESOME” desk I found for $10 that I need to paint. This is it’s temporary staging ground!

And during the process:
photo 1 (2)photo 4 (2)

We ran out of paint with one wall left to paint but we’ll get that done this week.

Everything went back as it was until we can get to the floors. Once that is done, we’ll work on the furniture rearranging and I’ll start working on my new buffet that I bought for 20 bucks!!!  I had originally had my mind set on gray but after choosing this color on the walls, I thinking that will change. We’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted as we finish the living room up. Then we are onto the kids rooms,  then ours. My room will be a major reno since we are currently on a cement floors and we may even need to break the concrete because of a leak, so this is not on my “let’s get this done before Christmas” list!  But again, I’ll be journaling about it so you’ll get to read all about it here. Aren’t I so sweet! Haha!

Hope you have a good day and see you later for part 2!


Thursday, November 07, 2013

I want, I want, I want, I want!

I want milk paint to paint this beautiful bookshelf I just got for free form the Lovely Lula B owner – Mary Anne!

I want to redo my house even if it s a little at a time.

I want to create little vignettes all over the house so that I don’t just see blank walls everywhere I look.

I want a beautiful entry way.

I want to capture all my creative ideas into a new journal that I have yet to purchase.

I want brown tall boots.

I want and for the first time in a long while…I know I can have!everything you could ever want or be... 8x10
                                                              Via Etsy

I’m so happy I don’t know where to start! I feel creative, happy, loved, SPIRITUAL and so lucky!

I have projects galore and I can’t wait to get started on them and share them with you here. So in the next few weeks, you’ll see me transform my house little by little (I’m on a budget, but aren’t we all). My outlook going through this house transformation is this: I’m setting my sights on attaining that which is attainable!

My list is comprised of easily attainable things! They are fun, they don’t interfere anything in my life and they are simple. And all it took was a little bit of perspective. Don’t get me wrong, do I want Rocky Road ice cream to be zero calories and chocolate donuts to be considered a vegetable…  HELL YESSSS!! But that ain’t gonna happen!

So welcome back to my blog after long term radio silence and lets get started this weekend shall we???!!!  Hope you’re having a great week ‘cause I sure am!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sometimes the Pause Button Doesn’t Work!

Hi Guys! Yes, I’ve missed blogging, yes, I needed a great big ol’ pause button on my life, yes, I still plan on doing furniture and YES, I am so READY to start now!! 

I’ve learned this month “off” that I REALLY need to be painting furniture. It helps me SOOO much! I thought that after deciding to close my both at Lula B’s that I should super slow down in the painting department, and I was wrong!!!  I shouldn’t have. So what if sales are slow, so what if I have NO time in the day to do it. I guess I didn’t realize how much it helped me until I stopped. I will make time from now on!

I still want to close my booth  (for a while anyway) and then see where God leads me, but I think when I ask in my prayers at night “what should I do, where do I go…” and he answers with furniture…Yeah, I better listen! 

So on a side note, God if you want to send me some Black Milk Paint, I would totally be okay with that. And I’m sure it means that my next project has to be painted with it, right?!(haha). Yeah I know it doesn’t work that way but man I can’t tell you how much He’s directed me of late and it’s great! I ACCEPT!!

be the Change you wish to see - life quote Poster, Inspirational typography Art Print, black and white minimalist wall decor

                                                      Via Etsy

So I decided today not to give up. There’s a bigger picture here guys and I aim to find it out! I get that we all get down on life but I’m choosing not to! And today after getting a new buffet (I really should have never even stumbled upon), two new desks, and a bookshelf, I’m taking these clues to heart and I’m painting them! It sooths my soul and wakes my brain! I know I definitely needed it!

I can’t wait to get started, get ready for the holidays and to share with you all here! Thanks for listening to me rant! I promise not to be too intolerable!