Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Is My Challenge Piece For My To-Do List Challenge?

Does  your  ‘To Do’ list look like this?


Oh wait…that’s my list! The problem is, they are so vague and they can be time stamped anytime in the future and still work within the time frame of the title.  NOT GOOD!

I decided to get off my lazy behind and get some things knocked out so I simplified my list and only put some furniture pieces I wanted to get done.  You saw the first two and I’m about to show you the third piece.

This bookshelf has seriously been sitting around since before my surgery. It is for one of Sammy’s coworkers who I promised to get done for her girls and never finished..ugh!. She wants it to go in her daughters’ room so I need to personalize it for them. Problem is I haven’t had anything speak to me so I ‘m left with a blank canvas. In fact I still have NOTHING to go on and am terrified about this deadline I’ve given myself. I’m hoping that when I start painting it white (wow) something will hit! Until then this is a picture of my uphill battle:


Now that I’ve showed you what I’ll be working on, let me tell you about a few friends that were UP to my CHALLENGE!!


First up is my sister Andrea (Dre). She wants to fix up/clean out her garage. She’s a single mother of two brats…I mean wonderful children…so you can imagine what she’s up against.  I’m sure with proper payment she can get those two to crank it into high gear and get it done and off of her list!!Good luck Dre!

Second up is my friend Sam (Mom to fat dogs) I love that name!!  She actually gave me the idea when she mentioned she had SO MUCH stuff on her plate and needed to get them done. So what do I think…oh, ok, challenge haha! Love you Sam! Sam has worked on beautiful quilts and sews when she’s not chasing around grandchildren. I can’t wait to see what she makes!!

Third, is one of my newest followers, we’ve been chatting on FB – Julissa!  She is a furniture collector/hoarder like myself . I can say hoarder because she is a kindred spirit and knows I mean it with love!  She said she just got back from Goodwill with some great finds so she’ll show us what she does to them.

Fourth, is Cindy with her fab new nightstand. Cindy wants to paint it with Milk Paint (be still my heart) for her husband to use as a bedside table.  It’s gonna be awesome, I know it!

And Fifth is Holli with her her chandelier…I still have yet to tackle one myself but CAN’T wait to do one!!

Again, these are the ladies up for the challenge this week and I thank you all for playing along. Don’t forgot to send me a before and after picture.

Don’t forget it’s not to late to join in the fun so send me whatcha got!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oooh you can totally rock this!

Tami Michel said...

Alright, you got me! I'm in. I just posted about some unfinished projects and I am bound and determined to finish a little wicker chair by the weekend. We shall see!

holli said...

You've inspired me so i even sent you an extra project i did after the chandelier. I should send you a picture of the pile of furniture i have in my garage. My husband is losing his patience. Yikes!