Monday, September 16, 2013

What Did You Accomplish This Week!!??

Yay!! What a fun “challenge”-ing week!!   So, did you finish what you said you would????  I’m finishing up mine today and will get some pictures snapped tomorrow for posting!! 

I’ll also show you the before and after pictures that were sent to me from my peeps that were up to the challenge!


Cindy emailed me and said she was a beginner at this whole furniture refurbishing rigamarole but wanted to try her hand at a nightstand for her husband’s side of the bed. She purchased this yellow nightstand at Habitat for Humanity with that in mind.

photo (5)

Yeah, I love this piece but the color has to go, right??!!  Cindy had Black Milk Paint (uh…lucky!!) and painted it, distressed, then waxed the piece. The handles got a bit of an updating too.  I’d say she is quickly becoming a pro wouldn’t you??!

Here it is now on her husband’s side of the bed looking beautiful. 


Thank you again Cindy for sharing your before and after with us!

See you tomorrow for more challenge pictures!


Julia from Dozen Flours said...

nice job!

Tami Michel said...

Excellent job, especially for her first piece!

holli said...

That turned out awesome!