Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tami’s Beautiful Blue Chair

One of the best things about having a blog is the people you meet along the way. I don’t quite remember when I met Tami from Curb Alert,  but it wasn’t hard to see right from the start, we were SO alike on SO many levels.

For example:
She is a Texas girl, I am a Texas girl.
She has daughters, I have daughters
She picks up curbside treasures, I pick up curbside treasures
She has a husband to tolerates her hobby (habit), I have a husband who tolerates my hobby (habit)

You get the idea! And though we haven’t met each other in person, I think this friendship will last a loooong time!

She makes the best furniture transformations and is currently sprucing up her new home with her creative touch! So when I had this “to do list challenge” on my blog, I quickly twisted her arm to join me and I’m so glad she did.  When I say she is talented, you have no idea.

Here is her chair she started with:

Ugly Chair 1

Not so bad…right??? Well check out the back:

ugly chair 2

Perfect for this era?? I think NOT!

I didn’t know the extent of what she would do with it, but  man did she blow me away with her new blue chair.  By the way I think Brianna(my youngest daughter) would LOVE this chair!

Check it out now!!!

Blue Chair 8Blue Chair 9Blue Chair 10

She posted all about how she did it, so make sure you check it out here, and if you have time you’ll want to peek around her blog, you’ll be glad you did! She has awesome how to’s, furniture transformations and more. Just make sure you say Hi from me!

Thanks again Tami, I’m so glad you were up for my challenge and not to mention you go one more item crossed off that list!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Olivia said...

wow, that looks like jonathan adler! great color. well done, tami!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love it! love the color and fabric!

Tami Michel said...

Thanks Rita! I also consider you a great friend and hope we stay connected a very long time! The chair was so fun to work on, but glad it's done! I appreciate the challenge and the feature! Have a great weekend!

Twice Nice said...

SWEET! Although upholstery always makes me sweat, I so love the to remake chairs!