Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sam’s Sweet Sewing Skills!

Once upon a time there was a sweet gal named Sam.

Sam liked to sew beautiful blankets, bags, and clothes.

Sam also like to offer her services to her friends, which was very nice of Sam.

Until one day, Sam had a lot on her plate.  She wanted to get everything done, but didn’t have enough time or energy to finish.

Sam’s friend Rita heard of her dilemma and out of the goodness of Rita’s heart, she helped Sam by challenging her.

Rita said “Dear Sam, I will  help you by having a challenge on my blog and holding you to it. But do not fear, for I have your best interest at heart”…and that she did.

Sam had to finish some embroidery on a couple of bags and shirts. Rita gave her one week to see what she could do and Sam did just that! 

Sam worked from dusk til dawn, while still being a mom, grandma, wife, caretaker, sitter, cab driver, and STILL working on sewing:


She sewed bag after bag:


And shirt after shirt:

0916130854 - Copy

And never really quite knowing how fantastically beautiful her creations were…until her lovely, caring, UN-vain friend Rita told her so. Sam was truly gifted and created such beautiful things and all the while maintaining the status of mother, wife, grandmother….  Her friend Rita said “SAM YOU ROCK” and they were friends forever!

The End.

Thanks Sam for playing along and I hope you liked my little story Smile



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

she is so talented!

momtofatdogs said...

No I did not like your story , I LOVED it! I laughed so hard & then I had to email your blog page to all my freinds too. Thanks Rita! I'm glad I got it done though becasue I really WAS dragging my butt. (boy I celaned that up real good....)


Tami Michel said...

They all turned out beautiful! she did a great job!

holli said...

Those orange embroidered bags are precious! Loved the way you told the story.