Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Tubby Tubby

I remember a long time ago in one of my first jobs I ever had, a guy was at my register and took a look at my smock, yes I wore a smock, and saw that I was wearing a button of Ashley as a baby on Santa’s lap. The guy said, hmmm, I guess if I had a picture of my dog with Santa, I’d make a button of it and wear it as well. I was a bit taken back and thought, since when do dogs compare to children (humph…the nerve!). Granted I never had pets and in fact was allergic to anything with fur, hair, or feathers!!

So yeah…I didn’t get it.

Fast forward to years later when Sam and I split up. Santa gave the girls a dog for Christmas. His name was Rascal. To say Rascal changed our lives is an understatement. He was my companion when I had none, he was my friend when I needed one and he forever changed the way I looked at beloved pets. I learned quickly that year that “Santa” didn’t just bring him for the girls, but for me as well.

We lost Rascal a few years ago. This happened when the weather was really bad and the wind tore part of our fence down in the back yard. We let the dogs out without knowing about the fence, and when I let Rascal and Reese out to go potty, only Reese returned. Rascal being the “rascal” that he was, darted out of the back yard and onto a main street a few blocks away. That was the hardest time I had ever gone through and probably the most sleepless nights as he always slept by my legs. I think I was his security blanket.

Since Rascal, you can see that we have a house full of pets. Some rescued, some purchased and some just found their way into our hearts. Like, Tubby who belonged to Sammy’s mom and step dad. We took him in when we found out he was alone at their old house for several months. They’d drive over to feed him when they could and care for him. When we got him however, he was in very bad shape. He had heartworms, had never been to the vet nor groomer, he was underweight and had part of an ear missing. We knew at the time we couldn’t afford to care for him but it didn’t stop us from taking him in. I remember being afraid he would try to eat Reese but she quickly put him in his place and let him know she was Queen of the house, and our Big Chow on the other hand, was the “Eyor” of the family. He was a big dog with a big heart and loved every other animal we took in.

We had lots of work with Tubby but it all worked out. He was so much better and happy in his new home. I was actually starting this blog post yesterday because of what we’ve been through with him, but as of last night, Tubby passed away. We don’t know the root of the problem only that he was not able to use his back legs and he was struggling to eat or drink anything. We went to several vets and nothing was ever pinpointed except that he had an enlarged prostate which we were in the process of getting him neutered. It was painful to see him suffering and talk of putting him down had come up on several occasions in the last few weeks but we didn’t expect him to pass this fast. His heart simply could not hold on to whatever was causing him pain.

As for me, I’m struggling with a range of emotions. I’m sad that his life was cut short for reasons we won’t really ever know. I hate that he was ever like this to begin with and left alone at all. I wish we could have saved him sooner and my heart is just sad for that precious lovable fur ball of a boy!

I know I never get controversial on this blog and never really intend to, but the last thing I have to get off my chest is something I’d love to see happen one day. Pets are precious, precious animals. They are not here to merely protect us and guard the house. They protect their protectors, so protect them. They feel pain, and get sad and their feelings get hurt … SO LOVE THEM. They really are part of your family and sometimes even nicer than most family members, which is sad but true. I do believe everyone would be better off having a pet, but I also believe there are people who are not meant to have animals regardless of how kind hearted they are and I say this because of my personal experience.

I will leave you with a slide show of our precious Tubby and his life with us from when we first got him as a big matted mess, to him being bald, to a happy fur ball and full of life. Tubs we love you and will miss you. Thank you for coming to our lives!

Love always, your Mama!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

Oh Rita, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a dog you love so dearly. Thinking of you.

momtofatdogs said...

I am sorry for your loss Rita. Unfortuneately, I know exactly ow you feel. (I DO have pictures of Santa & my dogs....) Animal lovers or not, I think pets are brought into our lives by God. Their love is SO unconditional.


Twice Nice said...

What a sweet little face! I am so sorry Rita. It is hard to lose one of the fur babies! I'm sure his time with you was a great blessing for him with all the love you gave him.

Linda in NH said...

I am so very sorry for your loss Rita. I have lost several pets through the years and it is never easy. They do bring so much into our lives and are always there for us no matter what. You're in my thoughts as you go through this.

holli said...

He was precious! You're a good dog Mama and gave him a happy life. I am so sorry for your loss and losing an animal is losing a family member. Sending you a hug.