Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Be Proud of Yourself!

I hope you live a life you're proud of - 11x14
I was approached by a coworker the other day who asked If I go to garage sales. I proudly said “YES!!”, then he told me he thought he saw me at his daughters garage sale the other day. We got to talking about the area and I told him “I’m sure it was me, that’s my favorite area!”. As I walked away, I got to thinking how that could have easily been an awkward situation for someone else(not me).

I told him how I buy furniture, paint, and sell it. Or how I find old vintage items and clean them up and resell them at my shop or on Etsy (my online shop). He seemed pretty intrigued about all of my “after work activities”.

But you know what, I am proud of mine and Brianna’s Saturday mornings together, as well as me and Ashley, fixing up my booth and Etsy shop! Not to mention the extra income I make and can help put Ashley through college. It makes me feel like I’m beneficial in my children’s lives, not in just the “wonderful mom that I am” kind of way.

Going yard saling, and estate sale shopping is not just my hobby, nor an addiction. And it for sure isn’t “lower my head in defeat, I’m poor”, the way I think some may perceive it to be. Heck no, not at all! I mean, look at impact I’m making on my children. They appreciate me and what I do. Granted, I may hear an occasional “oh lord, what are you buying now” from Brianna, but secretly I know she loves it!!

I just wanted to share that in case you ever have self-doubt about something you love to do, especially when the end result is for good! Look at me getting all philosophical this morning. Must have been in my coffee!

Have a good Monday and be proud of yourself today!

Love,  Rita


I painted a small table this weekend that I’ve been waiting to sand but it’s been raining daily in Texas so I haven’t gotten to it, but it’s coming


Vickie Mireles said...

Oh I love this post!!! So true!!! I think it's awesome what you do and I have always been inspired by you. Do what you love. It's def my motto for life now.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am with you! proud of my thrifty ways!

momtofatdogs said...

"Poor" is a state of mind, "Broke" is a situation. And there is no shame in repurposing "stuff"! Wish I knew 20 years ago what I do today - I think I could have saved myself a LOT of money. Well, maybe not a LOT , but some....?


holli said...

I love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales and yet i also enjoy shopping at the Galleria. It doesnt matter as long as you're happy. Who cares what others think! I love mixing a dress that i bought at Nordstroms and wearing a necklace that i bought for 1$ from a thrift store with it.