Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Week 2 Update and a Crap Ton of Shoes!

I seriously don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer at all but sheesh….What a week!

On a good note, I’m starting to feel like myself again. My appetite's back and I’m actually up for visitors again, because a  few days ago, I didn’t want to see anyone. Let me tell you the week I endured!

Week 1 wasn’t bad post surgery. In fact, I thought it would be smooth sailing afterward, but then, I had a set back. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I was flat on my behind almost all week. I didn’t look at my computer, I didn’t answer calls, I had no visitors, nor welcomed them. This is SO not me, but I was out of commission!  I also caught some sort of bug which made me sicker than a dog, had a fever and am fighting an infection. That on top of having surgery…YEAH, NOT A GOOD MIX!! I did manage however, to stay out of the ER, even though I probably should have gone, and did get a lecture from my doctor about it, but regardless to say, I’m feeling much better now. Thank Goodness. 

And I promise….if there’s a next time I’ll go to the ER. (Pinky Swear).

I did have a two week check up this past Friday and my doctor wants me to take an additional two weeks off to heal completely.  But for now, I’m on antibiotics and pain medication but my taste buds are coming back, and my energy level is a little better as well. Things are finally looking up!! So thanks again for checking up on me.

Oh and I’m having a cup of coffee  (brewed from home for the first time in two weeks). I’ve have had a total of 2 “TALL”cups of coffee from Starbucks in two weeks since I’ve been out. For those of you that don’t speak coffee, that’s the smallest cup they have and both times they were not good!!! I never thought I’d ever say these words but I hated coffee. So the fact that I’m drinking a cup right now, speaks volumes!

Ok, now that I’ve bored you with my status update let me leave you with some ridiculousness to get your day started!

The other day when I was feeling ok, Ashley began to clean her room and fought through the heap of shoes she owns to clean. I remember when she first left to college we bought her a pair of converse (that’s as “tennis shoes” as she’d go) because of all the walking she would do. This is the pair she started out with.


This is what she ended up with (not including the ones she couldn’t find the pairs for or that were still packed up!!


That just exhausts me!! Which one’s your favorite?

As for me I’ll be keeping in touch!

Miss you all,


Twice Nice said...

So glad you are back, or nearly so, to normal. I've been missing you! Awesome shoe collection Ashley!

Chris Dodaj said...

I hated coffee too - nothing tasted right for about 10 days - and coffee is my vice :)

Another great movie I watched on repeat was Vanity Fair after my surgery, don't know why, but I love that movie!

Glad you are starting to feel better :)

Olivia said...

DANG, can we just talk about how many flower sandals she has! haha. But more importantly, coming from someone who lived in a cold weather state, how is it possible she has me beat in number of boots in her closet?? I mean, really!? I think I've only seen her wear like three of those pairs lol (that's usually how it goes, though).

But in all seriousness, my favorite are the very last pair - the brown leather cowboy ankle boots. Get it girl.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

wow- those are some shoes! glad you are on the mend finally! i remember not liking coffee when i was preggers and i thought i would never like it again. ba ha ha! what was i thinking.