Friday, June 21, 2013

Introducing–The Gentlewoman Evolution!

Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing my sister-in-law Vickie and her new blog! She is all about self improvement and I couldn’t be more proud of how much she has accomplished on her journey. She is truly an amazing woman and I’m lucky she’s a part of my life. I know you’ll fall in love with her and she may even inspire you as she does me with her lovely posts. So read on and meet her then visit her blog here: The Gentlewoman Evolution

The Gentlewoman Evolution


Hello all fellow Curbside followers!!  I’d like to begin this posting my introducing myself: My name is Vickie – I’m 29 years old and I’m Rita’s sister in law.  (Our husbands are brothers)  So I’d like to continue by letting you guys all know a little history about myself as well as including my first memory of Rita and why Rita has become such an inspiration to me.

Back in 2007, I met Chris, the man who is now my husband.  Shortly after we started dating, he invited me to his brother’s birthday dinner.  This was the first time I was going to meet his parents, so I was extremely nervous.  I was also anxious because not only was I meeting his parents - I was meeting his brother, sister in law (Rita), his nieces AND his son.  I seriously almost cancelled on him because I wasn’t ready to meet so much of his family in one day.

I managed to get through the dinner fine and I was extremely happy that Chris’ family wasn’t weird, mean or rude.  After dinner, everyone was saying their goodbyes and when Rita said bye to me, she stuck out her hand but then ended up grabbing me for a hug, but it was kind of awkward but cute.  I don’t think I’ve had a boyfriend’s family member be that excited to say bye to me. It was so cute because she seemed so happy and excited meet me.  We always chuckle at the way she said goodbye to me that day.

I was privileged to marry Chris and gain such a sweet and welcoming family.  Rita has been one of those family members who I’m very happy to be related to.  As long as I can remember Rita’s home was always filled with her projects.  I love hearing her stories and seeing her transformations of revamped furniture pieces.  Rita is not only a talented individual; she is an extremely caring and lovable person.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood.  She is literally a breath of fresh air and it’s good to know that people like Rita still exist in this tainted world.

Rita has inspired me in many levels.  A few years ago I attended one of Rita’s coupon classes, which to this day I still use her tips and tricks.  I have not only had fun using coupons, but I’ve also saved hundreds of dollars.  I don’t know if Rita has posted a blog regarding her coupon journey – if she hasn’t I’ll let her know that she needs to write one.  I love her story on how she started couponing and I love that she shared this fascination with me.

I’ve admired Rita for her creativity and her passion for her passion.  I truly think this attributes to why Rita is such a fun loving, happy and positive person.  

For a while now, actually a long while, I have wanted to create a blog for myself, but I was always too insecure to do so. Once I shared my interest of blogging with Rita, she literally kick started my blogging endeavor.  She took time to show me how to start up my blog and gave me advice and motivation to do this.  I’m forever grateful!   I started back in February and since then I have been extremely happy that I am now doing what I love.  

My blog is titled “The Gentlewoman Evolution” and I’ve dedicated my blog towards positivity, self improvement and topics surrounding everything that I love. My purpose and mission for my blog is to inspire others to join me on my Gentlewoman Evolution.  It took me what seemed forever to come up with my blog name, but I’m pretty content because it sums it up perfectly.

Gentlewoman: dame: a woman of refinement

Refinement: the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.  It is the improvement of clarification of something by the making of small changes.

Evolution: a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually better form.

I believe there is never an end point in trying to improve yourself. I’m not talking about perfection, I’m talking about improvement.  As women, we deserve the right to want to become better mothers, sisters, and friends, pursue our hopes and dreams and know that with God all things are possible. This blog is my gentlewoman evolution – my growth in becoming a better person and following my passion for all things that I love.  


Vickie is so precious and a wonderful mom and wife to my brother(in-law). I don’t think she really sees what she has to offer the world but I do and I’m glad to share it with you! Oh gosh and that dreaded body shake!!  I remember getting my hug and handshake all mixed up and it ended up being some weird body shake type of deal. Then I got in the car and told Sammy “Oh my God, I hope I didn’t scare her off!!”  Thank goodness she gets me and my quirkiness!!

Thanks again for letting me introduce her to you!!

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